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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Where Does Time Go?

Lindsay Klug here, for the last time. I swear.

Why are there only twenty four hours in the day?

I can hardly wake up, get dressed, run errands, clean house, feed kids, keep everyone from fighting, fold laundry, cuddle with my husband, and sleep in twenty four hours. And where am I supposed to write in there?

Throw in a full time job starting in a couple of weeks, and bam! Time has shortened exponentially. Since my job will have me from six in the morning until four in the evening and the kids will have me from four until nine, and the husband wants me for a few hours after that I suppose I’ll just give up sleep.

When insomnia was raging through my life like the ICE train, I managed on an hour of sleep a night. Maybe I can train my body to do so again.

No. Who wants to live on an hour of sleep a night? Maybe I can convince my family that without an hour of writing time per night, I’ll go into a maniacal, demented rage and run through the neighborhood, naked, with my arms flailing above me while laughing with a demonic lilt.

They’d probably want to film the episode and put it on YouTube.

Maybe I can lock myself in the bathroom. We have an extra. Yeah, yeah that might work. I’ll need a sliding lock and mini fridge for the massive amount of water I drink while writing. With ice. Lots of ice.

But at least one of my children is still in the perpetual stage of, “Where’s mom? I can’t see mom. Panic, panic, panic.” So this plan probably won’t work either.

Maybe I’ll just get up an hour early and write before I leave for work. What’s getting up at three thirty instead of four thirty in the grand scheme of things, really?

At least what I write will wake me up pretty quickly. Here’s an unedited snippet from a Halloween piece going into an anthology:

For several hours, I sat on my couch, watching mindless television until I finally drifted into sleep. A soft click had me rolling over on my couch to watch as a man slipped into my unlocked front door. Struggling to sit up, I found my limbs frozen. Terror swept across me as a he disappeared into the shadows.

My head snapped side to side, struggling to see in the flashing lights of the TV. When even the screen flipped off, my apartment cast into darkness, save for the moonlight filtering into the window through my cracked blinds. Squirming under the invisible ropes, I gave a strangled choke when a hand shot over the edge of my couch and gripped my ankle. Using my legs as an anchor, the man pulled himself over, moving as a liquid shadow.

His fingers were long claws, raking across my jeans, tearing the fabric and skin underneath. Blood trickled down the side of my legs to meet the couch. He used my hips for leverage to yank the rest of his body onto mine, the claws latching into my side, leaving deep lacerations and drawing a cry of pain from me.

Pulling each finger from my skin with a vicious tug, he ran his tongue along the wounds, moaning when my blood entered his mouth. I couldn’t see his face in the darkness, couldn’t see anything but the light reflect off the monstrous talons as they reached out to latch into the tender skin along the side of my breasts.

With a scream, I tried to writhe out from underneath him. But his heavy body held me in place by then, even if the invisible ropes weren’t. Blinking, I brought half his face into focus and lost my breath to fear.

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Vanessa A. Johnson said...

You got that right. 4 1/2 yrs ago, as I neared my rtitretirement date, I tbought I would have all kinds of free time to write. Retired I wonder how I ever did all I did and worked an 8 hr job too.

Mountain Laurel said... dreams aren't quite so graphic...must be why you are the writer and a I am the reader...LOL

Mara said...

That was scary! I am with you about the time suck that is lkife. I never have enough time, no matter if my day is packed with work, school, appointments, etc. or or I have nothing planned. It's the same..not enough time!
marajbrandon AT earthlink DOT net

Anna said...

Wow, what a spooky excerpt! Writing when it's dark out has some benefits, then, I suppose.

Getting up at 3:30 a.m. to write. Ouch.

rojo13864 said...

Your excerpt left me I love a good honest tale with shivers!

Yeah time, I think you just have to make a block of time for yourself and stick with it. Get sneaky about it. Book two hours for downtime and a long.....bath. It's amazing what you can do with two

nblack at twcny dot rr dot com

Robin said...

Wow! Great writing, though scary! You definitely need regular time to write!

Robin D
robindpdx (at) yahoo (dot) com

Lindsay K. said...

Well, at least we can all watch time fall away from us together. Lol, glad y'all enjoyed the excerpt!

Anonymous said...

I hope you are able to find time to sleep AND write. I loved the excerpt.

User1123 AT comcast DOT net

Na said...

Time really does fly. I can't beleive August is creeping up. Soon it'll be Fall and then the holidays and then just like that another year has passed. Although I don't mind it as much when time flies when I'm immersed in a good book.