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Sunday, July 31, 2011

What is Your Favorite Genre?

When I go to the movies, I like a mixture of genres. Sometimes I go to 'chick flicks' as hubby calls them, other times it will be adventures, thrillers, or crime.

I love watching television shows like CSI (I particularly love CSI New York), The Mentalist, and the Law & Order series of shows.

These shows are intriguing to me - I like the way the characters work their way through the evidence, and process everything in a logical order to come to the conclusion.

I know it may sound quite strange, but true crime is something I take a lot of interest in. Forensic Files, Cold Blood, and other such shows really pique my interest.

These are almost a study in human behavior, and they often leave me wondering how people can do such horrible things to other people.

When it comes to books, I read across a mixture of genres. Mostly I read romance - medicals, romantic suspense (my favorite r/s author is BJ Daniels), as well as contemporary romance.

I read crime novels, and thrillers too. I recently finished reading Susan Wiggs' "Just Breathe" which was excellent. (You can read my review of this book here.) On average, I read a book a week, depending on the length.

My main genre as an author is romantic suspense.

My poor heroines are put in the most awful of situations, and have to get themselves out of it alive. They usually get a decent hero to help them, but sometimes ...

I'd love to hear about your favorite genres, so please leave a comment and let me know.


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Sherry said...

I mainly watch shows like Criminal Minds, NCIS and CSI. I also watch a lot of true crime shows. I watch shows like Cake Boss and Cupcake Girls too. When I read I read romance. I'll try any kind of romance book. Right now I'm hooked on paranormal and M/M. If you combine them I'm in heaven.

sstrode at scrtc dot com

heather said...

In my movies, it has to be comedy and/or action/suspense. In my books, I have to have romance but I try to find a book with comedy, romance and suspense, I know, it's alot to ask for haha. Oh and I really like my cowboy/western books :)

Laura Kaye said...

My favorite is anything paranormal or supernatural. Always has been. Great topic!

Laura Kaye
laurakayeauthor at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

I like suspense in both movies and books. I've always been interested in solving mysteries.

User1123 AT comcast DOT net

Robin said...

I like romantic suspense, and comedy, and chick lit, and paranormal romance, and historical romance, and suspense and thrillers and... lol

Robin D
robindpdx (at) yahoo (dot) com

Cheryl Wright said...

I love hearing about all your fave's.

I love Criminal Minds too, Sherry. I'm addicted to it. We're about to get a new show here in Australia called "Criminal Minds: Suspect Behaviour". It could be interesting.

Movies like The Notebook and Message in a Bottle are old favorites of mine too. But I also go for movies like You've Got Mail, and Return to Sender.

The latter was so sad, yet so great. Bitter sweet.

I haven't read paranormal for a very long time, but it is certainly on my TBR list.

Oh, oh, oh! Heather, you reminded me how much I love cowboy books. Particularly romances set in the outback - whether that's Australia or the US. Cowboys are soooo sexy!

Again, thank you all so much for stopping by and commenting.

(Don't forget to pick up your free read from my website.)

Laura Ann Dunks said...

I read and watch a wide range. From medical dramas to paranormal to fantasy to romance to YA.

Laura xxx

Cheryl Wright said...

Hi Laura, it's certainly nice to have a wide range of favorites.

Variety is often the key, and can help to keep our interest.

Michelle Somers said...

Hi Cheryl

I love pretty much any good romance. And of late, I've begun to enjoy a good, steamy hot read, the sexy sensation and blaze lines of Harlequin M&B.

Having said that, I also love the romantic suspenses and intrigues. And I would never say no to a good thriller or crime novel.

I watch all the crimey shows on TV - Criminal Minds, CSI, the new Law and Order, The Mentalist, as well as shows like Bones and Castle. I remember, many years ago - too many to count, lol! - I loved watching Angela Lansbury's 'Murder She Wrote'. It ranked up there with 'Get Smart' and 'MacGyver'. Ahh, memories.

Thanks for the great blog.

Michelle Somers

Cheryl Wright said...

Hey Michelle,

Thanks for stopping by.

I've had to put the breaks on a lot of the shows I like, simply because of time restraints. As it is, I record my favorites then skim through the adverts. That saves a heap of time!

I've only watched Castle a couple of times, and it was good, but I thought it was a bit corny at times.

It is a bit of a spin on Murder She Wrote, I think. That was a good show in its time, but again, a bit corny. Especially when you look back on it.

But then again, television is meant to entertain us, and those shows certainly do that.

Columbo was always a favorite of mine. Probably because it was so out there.

Bones I find a bit gruesome, which probably sounds strange since I've watched actual police footage of murder scenes. (Not the stuff you see on the news, the real, full-length police tapes. <> )

Na said...

It's hard to choose a favourite genre maybe I like them all. My current favourite is romantic suspense and these stories are also the ones that involve me the most as a reader. I do like it to be sprinkled with some tender and funny moments to ease the tension. Sometimes I need these moments to to slow down the pace and after that I am ready to jump right back in the action.

Cheryl Wright said...

Na, you've just summed up how I feel about romantic suspense.

In regard to including some tender and funny moments, that's my preference too.

If the story is moving at a fast pace all the time, the reader becomes exhausted. I've actually read a book like that - a couple of years ago.

Normally it takes me one to two weeks to read a book, depending on the length. But this one took nearly a month because I could only read a handful of pages at a time.

Good books keep me up until the wee hours of the night. Not sure if that's good or bad. LOL

books4me said...

It's funny. I can't stand chick flicks (my hubby goes by himself to those!) but I LOVE romances with HEA endings!

books4me67 at

shiderly77 said...

ATM, my favorite genre is romantic suspense. I love horror movies, shows like CSI, Eureka, Warehouse 13, Burn Notice...

Cheryl Wright said...

It's funny how our preferences can change. As a teenager, I loved horror movies, Shiderly77. But now I stay away from them. I don't read horror either.

Books4me, I love both 'chick flicks' and romances. Probably my most favorite movies is romantic comedies.

Hubby likes all these, which I was quite surprised about.

JohnF said...

Sci-Fi (leaning towards SteamPunk!), Historical, Fantasy.

Cheryl Wright said...

To be honest, John, I've never read SteamPunk and don't really know what it is. I will have to make a real effort to find out.

Sci-Fi has never been my cup of tea, although I've definitely read it. Love historicals and also fantasy - provided it's good fantasy and not just a carbon copy of every other author who writes the genre.

Thanks for stopping by.

Serena said...

Hi Cheryl,
I LOVE all the shows mentioned - Criminal Minds, NCIS, CSI, Law and Order, Bones, Castle...and you'll love the new Criminal Minds: Suspect Behaviour, though I kinda prefer the original a little. Maybe because I got to know the characters so well. Penelope Garcia is in the new series too.

I don't watch all those shows any more because the constraints, though have only just started watching Castle so we've started from the beginning. Corny but I like it.


Cheryl Wright said...

Hi Serena,

Yes, I watch NCIS too - I forgot to mention that one. Although I've grown to prefer NCIS Los Angeles. There's something about bashing a person up the side of the head that puts me off...

It also seems to be much faster paced. And I do like shows that move quick.

I am looking forward to Criminal Minds: Suspect Behaviour, but like you, prefer my old favourites.

I just started watching Law & Order Los Angeles recently, and I'm having a hard time getting used to the characters. They just don't seem quite real. Maybe they'll grow on me.

Some of these shows mix crime, thriller, adventure, and romance together. Although it sounds terrible, it certainly makes them more interesting.

Margaret Tanner said...

Hi Cheryl,
I posted before but it obviously didn't come through, so here I go again.

Very entertaining blog. I have to say I am not normally an avid reader of romantic suspense, but I did read Saving Emma. A fabulous story, hooked me right from the start. I couldn't put it down and had to read into the early hours of the morning to finish it.


Cheryl Wright said...

Thanks so much for posting, Margaret. I'm so glad you enjoyed Saving Emma - I had a ball writing it.

Sounds like you're one of my mob - I often read into the wee hours, much to hubby's regret. LOL