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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sign My Kindle??

by....  Meg Mims
Say what? There’s an APP for that now, where authors can post their Amazon ASIN numbers and readers can request their e-books to be signed. How cool is that? I knew it was just a matter of time. Technology, love it or hate it, is pretty handy.

So click on this link:  and check it out. I plan to sign up when my book comes out on Amazon. Look for Double Crossing when it comes out next month!

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The next big thing might be the Kindle in color - but it would be more expensive! Look for that at Christmas... and look at the different between trying to store a stack of books vs. having the slim, take a hundred books with you Kindle! I love mine. Enjoy the blog crawl, LASR Readers! Every comment earns you a chance to win super prizes, so keep on top of things!


heather said...

I think it's a awesome idea but it's still not the same as a actual signature on a physical book. But still, pretty cool :)

The Happy Booker said...

Interesting idea, but I'd still rather have that signed book sitting so pretty on my shelf! Still, I certainly won't say no to a digital signature!

Donna Smith
ahappybooker at gmail dot com

katsrus said...

I love authographed books. That is the only thing I can say I don't like about having an eBook reader. Oh boy I would love a color Kindle. That is another thing that bugs me. I love a lot of the author book covers and on an black and white eBook you can't see how pretty they are.
Sue B

Judy said...

I too love authographed books. I've had a passion for books and reading since I was a youngster. I think a kindle would be great to take along for office visits and vacations. I would love to have one some day.


Danielle Thorne said...

This is awesome. I keep reading about the e-book signing program but I can't wrap my mind around it. Thanks for the link!

Meg said...

You're welcome! And while I LOVE holding the print copy in my hand, and have LOTS of author signatures, I still have NO room for more books.
I can eat lunch and just push the button to read my Kindle without getting food on the pages!

But I will sign my e-book or the print copies for ANYONE who buys one! :-D

Sarita said...

Now that's fun!

Anonymous said...

I've read a lot of buzz online about autographing eBooks. I think it is a fun concept.

User1123 AT comcast DOT net

books4me said...

THANK YOU for explaining this! I keep reading on yahoo sites how an author can sign your ebook and I didn't get it! I am clear now.

books4me67 at

shiderly77 said...

Loved your post! lol Yep, there's an app for that. Funny, my husband just the other day said, deadpan, when I was explaining I wanted to cook more exotic foods "There's an app for that". It seems there is an app for everything nowadays.

Meg said...

I agree, Stacie and Sarita! Fun is right. I can't wait to autograph the e-books... You're welcome, Books4Me! I don't quite get APPS yet, but hey, the less I know, the better - as long as it works! And Shiderly77, I can't wait to be Jane Jetson with Rosie the Maid and the buttons you push for meals and everything. LOL!!

Robin said...

I agree that it's fun, but not the same as an autograph on an actual book!

Robin D
robindpdx (at) yahoo (dot) com

JohnF said...

It actually is nice to have an e-autograph (the Nook Color has had that for a while).

Meg said...

Wow, John - I didn't know that about the Nook and signing! I'm just glad the e-books can be signed. :-)

Na said...

Kindlegraph sounds fun. If I have a kindle I might want to check it out. I agree too I'd still probably prefer an autographed print book.