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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Romantic Suspense is still ruling the some circles!

Romantic suspense is still and I think always be, one of the most popular sub-genres of romance. Why? Because it offers so much more than a straight forward contemporary romance can - and I write both so I am not cheering for one over the other, promise!

Romantic suspense is by far my favorite sub-genre to read because of it's exciting underlying sub-plot as well as the equally intense romance. The two go hand-in-hand. If the hero or heroine (or both) are in some kind of danger or jeopardy, this makes their romance and relationship all the more intense. It has too, doesn't it?

My favorite romantic suspense authors are Nora Roberts (of course!), Lisa Gardner and Tami Hoag. These three are the queens of the genre as far as I'm concerned and I hope over the years of reading them, I have gained more and more skill in my writing...I hope! My last romantic suspense was written three years ago, but "Reluctant Witness" still receives good reviews so I am very proud of it even though I continue to learn and hopefully improve.

I have just finished my third romantic suspense and handed to my agent for review - the full has been requested by Mira and I couldn't be more excited! Which are your favorite RS novels?

Reluctant Witness available from The Wild Rose Press - here's the blurb:

Professional singer Julia Kershaw is leaving town and moving on with her life. She desperately needs an escape from her mother’s grief over the loss of Julia’s brother – shot and killed by an overzealous cop – and an ex-boyfriend who refuses to accept it’s over.

But when she becomes the sole witness to the murder of a man she has known all her life, how can she leave without helping to find his killer? But how can she work with a cop after everything the police have put her family through?

When Detective Inspector Daniel Conway is removed from the city chaos he thrives on, and sent to a sleepy seaside town, the last thing he expects is a murder case. With an impeccable record that he intends to keep that way, for both personal and professional reasons, he refuses to allow his very beautiful, sexy – and secretive to walk away from the case. Or him.

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Rachel x


Larion aka Larriane Wills said...

you're talking about my favorite sub genre. I cut my teeth on straight romance, but after awhile found them boring. sorry to your other genre. give me suspense everytime.

Rachel Brimble said...

Absolutely no offence taken - I LOVE Romantic suspense!
Thanks for commenting!

R x

Anonymous said...

I love Romantic Suspense. I like non-rom suspense too. I just prefer the HEA in the former.

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Robin said...

I love Nora Roberts, and yours look great!

Robin D
robindpdx (at) yahoo (dot) com

Na said...

I really enjoy romantic suspense stories. I like for stories that are not part of the romantic suspense genre to have a bit of suspenseful elements in them. What I like best is the fast-pace and action. It is what keeps me involved.

shiderly77 said...

I think I need a group therapy session for overbuying every romantic suspense novel I see because I have such curiosity to see how it all turns out! lol

I love RS, I hope the genre will stay alive and well for many years to come.

JohnF said...

Best of luck with your book!

Rachel Brimble said...

Thanks for stopping by, guys! It's really appreciated. SO happy to see so many of you still loving RS. I have just returned from a romantic novelists conference in the UK and a lot of editors feel as though its a dying sub-genre but the writers there were arguing this ferociously!

We love RS and I sincerely hope it's here to stay.

R xx