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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Perils of Pauline - Why Time Travel is a Bad Idea :-)

Breaking news: Chinese Government Bans Time Travel….

… in movies and television shows because, “…many stories are totally made-up …" 

I am glad I don’t reside in China, because I love me my time travel and always have, though the Chinese do have a point. There is huge fictional evidence that time travel is a really bad idea. Look what goes wrong when fictional people time travel?

The Time Machine = Morlocks. Nuff said there. (And if you want to see Sheldon from Big Bang Theory freak out over Morlocks, click here!) 

Time Rider = becomes his own great-grandfather, which is probably better than sleeping with your great-nephew (Kate & Leopold which I personally enjoyed but had to not think about it too much!).

The Terminator – evil cyborg sent back in time to stop you from being born.

Time after Time –inadvertently help Jack the Ripper to escape through time.

Peggy Sue Got Married – get to travel back in time and change nothing. In fact, make the same mistakes you made before so ends up feeling guilty twice.

Timeline – Yeah, let’s go back in time and get our head whacked off by a SWORD. And die before we were ever born. Good plan.

New Star Trek = whole history rewritten. Okay, maybe that wasn’t so bad, because now there is ton of new stories and movies incoming. And wow, Spock. 

Back to the Future = okay, this one ended well for Marty and his family, but Biff has to be a bit bitter.

The Final Countdown = I’m still bitter they didn’t engage. It’s a movie! Why can’t we change history in a movie? (Which might bring us full circle to why China banned it?)

I actually do agree with the Chinese government on one point. Some of it might be true. (How can we claim any geek creds if we don’t believe???) So how come we don’t know if time travel is possible? Because if someone in the future masters it, wouldn’t they pop up in the past? Like now?

I found a book on Amazon that not only explains how to make a machine from commonly obtainable items, but shares actual time travel experiences. No big shock to find this useful book is temporarily out of stock, but if you read the reviews, you get a glimpse into the fun stuff available for those lucky enough to own a copy. According to S.S. Casteel, Amazon Reviewer and fortunate possessor of a rare copy of the book:

The MIB seemed to know where Gibb's friend was from, the year 1994, and fired a beam of some form of unknown energy at the hapless time traveler, who awakened in his bedroom with a red mark on his leg, similar to the marks left behind after an alien abduction experience.”

For the more serious time travel scholar, Stephen Hawking has weighted in on the subject

And we have a Professor predicting time travel in this century. 

For a fun list of the best and worst time travel movies

So you agree? Disagree? How do you really feel about time travel? Believer or skeptic? Favorite movies or books? Favorite trip into the past or future?

Pauline Baird Jones has not only read many time travel books and viewed numerous time travel movies and shows; she’s written several books that incorporate time travel (though it almost made her head explode—hmm, plot by MIB and the gray aliens to halt time travel fiction?). Pauline is the author of eleven books of a variety of genres, including steampunk/science fiction romance. You can find out more about her and her books at:


katsrus said...

I am a sleptic. Guess it could happen sometime but; I need to see it. I love the Back to the Future movies. They are so fun. Really enjoyed your post. I have not read your books yet. Think I will be checking them out for sure.
Sue B

Pauline B Jones said...

Hi, Sue! Glad you enjoyed the post. It was fun to write and have to thank the Chinese for great timing. Lol!

Anna said...

Maybe they just don't want anyone to figure out how to do it. LOL.

Hey, isn't there another New Star Trek movie coming out? And I count Spock and Uhura as SFR. :D

Mara said...

I love your list of unfortunate time travelling. What I love about a good time travel book or movie is when I can't think out the logic of what will happen if this changes or you never meet, etc. May give me a headache, but I love the challenge. The downside is some poorly written stories completely fall apart if you think too hard about them!

marajbrandon AT earthlink DOT net

Toni said...

What a fun post!! Not sure if I believe, but it would be fun to back/forth in time for preset vacations. I read a series with that as a topic and it was fun. May be unrealistic, but still fun!


Anonymous said...

I don't read a lot of time travel but I did enjoy the new Star Trek film. I'm a diehard Trekker and I like that this is a "new" universe where the future us unknown. Having said that, I was lost when they did the time travel on the tv show LOST.

User1123 AT comcast DOT net

Robin said...

I'm very intrigued by the idea of time travel!

Robin D
robindpdx (at) yahoo (dot) com

Na said...

I love time-travel stories. For me it's the best of both worlds. I get to put myself in the character's shoes and get to explore a reality different from mine either from the past or in the future. It's always quite an adventure in the stories I read.

Pauline B Jones said...

Fun comments! thanks so much! There are some fun time travel books and movies and yeah, some that make your headache! LOL! Have to say, for now I prefer my time travel to stay fictional. Vicarious thrills are much safer. lol