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Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Lakota Moon Series - Children Without Books

Diane Davis White
I write romance in both contemporary and historical generes. My favorite theme is Native American Historicals. Probably because my late husband was a romantic, heart-stopping handsome Chickasaw mixed blood with the bluest eyes ever...

When I began research for the Lakota Moon Series I ran across a website that deals with donations for the people of Pine Ridge Reservation. Reading further, I discovered this place in the center of our country is one of the poorest places in the nation.

I cannot imagine children who have no school supplies, people without winter coats, families who know hunger—not in this country. There are other places in the United States where poverty is paramount, but few are so disturbingly neglected as Pine Ridge.

I bookmarked the sites that pertained to this and kept up with the issues, eventually joining and contributing to their drives. Anyone who is interested in helping, may go to their site at:

While there have been innovations and changes recently that the Lakota have taken to improve their lives, such as small business development, there is a long road ahead and my hope is that others will see their efforts and be willing to assist. What is needed here is education and industry. Providing the basic needs is essential.

Books Are Knowledge, Knowledge is Power ~ Teach a child to read.

The Lakota are a proud people and the only Native American Nation to withstand the onslaught of the pioneering whites. They defeated the army and drove the white man away, thanks to Red Cloud and Crazy Horse's leadership, and until Washington officials broke the treaties and sent troupes in, they remained free on their lands.

My social conscience was stricken heavily by the horrible conditions these people live with and it boggles the brain to think of the money spent on foreign wars when we have so much need right here.  When you read my books—and I hope you will—you will glimpse the true people of the Nations. They are a treasure trove of wisdom and knowledge we've only begun to tap.

Diane Davis White  ~  From the Heartland

Moon of Hard Winter is my newest book in the Lakota Moon Series and now available at Kindle and next month it will be out in print. This book deals with love, yes, but it also touches on the Wounded Knee Massacre of 1890, and though it is a time travel romance, I tried to infuse it with some great characters and address the terrible tragedy of December 29, 1890.

John Six Feathers believes the truth of what happened at Wounded Knee one-hundred and ten years ago has not been told. He wants to see the medals of honor given to soldier's who participated in the slaughter of women and children removed.
Faith Donahey believes the truth is more than just an overall picture, and her great-great grandfather deserves the medal of honor he received, despite what the Lakota say. A horrible accident on the highway, a spiritual intervention, and the truth as they knew it becomes the truth as they will tell their children and grandchildren.  This is their story.

Coming next in this series will be a lighter story, though it deals with Little Big Horn, I promise more comedic relief and a spicier love story.  Moon of Tender Grass will be Blue Crow's Story. A warrior  who has lived among the white people, is torn by his love for the daughter of his adopted uncle, Eli Jackson, and his loyalty to the people of the Lakota. He rides with Crazy Horse to Greasy Grass Creek and participates in the battle where Custer is killed. His brothers and cousins die there, and his heart torn by the horrors of battle, he seeks refuge with the Jackson family once more, only to find everything has changed.
Look for this book to be released in late November.

The first two books in this series are also available on Kindle, and in Print.
               Moon of Ripening                  Moon of the Falling Leaves


Kate Hofman said...

Diane -- I think your Lakota series is simply wonderful! And I am glad that you bring the terrible things to light that were done to the First Nations (as we call Native peoples in Canada) by ignorant and grasping people.
I loved seeing the title Moon of Tender Grass in exactly the colour of tender grass.
You keep right on adding more books to your Lakota series.

xoxo KATE

booklover0226 said...

Diane, I look forward in reading the Lakota series; it sounds wonderful.

Tracey D
booklover0226 at gmail dot com

katsrus said...

Love your book covers. Going to adding your books to my reading.
Sue B

Na said...

I read pretty much every genre so it's always great to hear authors who write in more than one genres. I happen to really enjoy contemporary and historical books, but don't read about many Native Americans. That is because I don't come across them often, at least as main characters, but after reading this post it makes me want to check them out. I like keeping my readings fresh and finding new sub-genres.

DW said...

Hi Ladies! Just got home from my job that pays the bills...and so happy to see your lovely comments!

Kate, you are such a good friend, and if you hadn't read my books I'd think you were just flatterng me...but as it is, I'll take kudos any way I can get them. Thank you!

Tracy, I'm sure you won't be disapointed in this series. I have a contemporary cowboy series too, so check it out later!

Katsrus, I'm so happy you like my covers. I didn't do the first one, that was by Deborah MacGillivray, but the others are all my design. Naturally, it is nice to hear the covers praised, but I'm hoping you'll love what is between them even more!

NA, I agree there aren't that many Native American Heroes, but you're going to love mine, I'm sure.

I take the characteristics of my dearly loved husband, the Blue-Eyed Chickasaw, enhance his many romantic virutes, his strength of character and his manly ways. Viola! There stands a man any woman would want. A hero to die for! That was Wild Horse White, and oh, do I miss that man!

Write me at:
Let me know what you think...I'm always open to creative crticism and absolutely love praise.

Diane Davis White

Jacquie Rogers said...

I just read Moon of Ripening and can wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone. Great read and nice cover, too. :)


DW said...

JJ! You are absolutely the Queen of Western Romance, especially cute cowboys and talking Thanks for the kudos. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Kate Hofman said...

Hi Diane -- I assure you I have read Moon of Ripening, and my comments were the simple, unvarnished truth.

Heide Katros, that wonderful writer, asked me to tell you how happy she was to see your interview. Until the finger she had surgery on gets better, she can't write a comment herself, so she asked me to do it for her.
She agrees with me - you're a truly remarkable writer.


Diane D White said...

Hi Kate! Thank you again for your kind words. I will be sure to email Heide and thank her personally...

I know it must be terrible trying to type with one hand! Hope it doesn't interfere with her current WIP. Can't wait to read it...or yours either!


Suzan said...

Hi Diane,
Just finished Moon of Ripening and I can't wait to start the next one! Love your books, can't put them down. Awesome cover too!


Diane D White said...

Thank you, Suzan! Moon of Hard Winter will be in print soon! Your copy will be on its way!

Best Hugs,


Heide Katros said...

Diane, I want to write my own comment. Yes, it's hard to type like a chicken, but you are such a good writer and artist. I have to tell everyone at LSAR that your Native American novels are history come alive and a tribute to the Native American tribes. And you create the most wonderful covers.

Diane D White said...

Thank you so much, Heide. I know how hard it is for you to type right now. Not only is your surgery still fresh, but your finger must be bleeding every time you stroke the keyboard, not to mention the pain you must be in.

It's lovely that you are so determined to compliment me on this blog.

Best Hugs,

Toni said...

These stories sound outstanding and all the praise too. I need to check them out. Thanks for being part of the anniversary!!


Diane D White said...

Hi Toni!
I do hope you will read and enjoy the Lakota Moon Series. I will finish this series with two more books, possibly 3, then move on to other tribes. Chickasaw, Cherokee, Cheyenne and the Apache tribes are in my to do folder.

I am happy to be a part of this anniversary blog, and so glad to meet such nice people.

By the way, your blog site looks very interesting!


Kathy McLeod said...

You have the ability to lay out the plot from the get-go. You are my hero.
Kathy McLeod

Diane D White said...

Hey Kathy! I'm so glad I'm somebody's hero. :) You are one special lady and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for blogging witb me today.

Do you remember when we used to sit around the fire and make up stories and I was the only one that got to actually finish one? Well, my Mom always said I was really good at making up I guess it's paying off now. LOL

Hugs and Love,

Anonymous said...

I was raised in Oklahoma so I was brought up around several different Native American tribes. I was taught to respect the different cultures. I think I would enjoy reading stories set amongst NA culture.

User1123 AT comcast DOT net

Robin said...

Your series does sound great!

Robin D
robindpdx (at) yahoo (dot) com

Diane D White said...

Good Morning Stacie & Robin! I would have seen your posts sooner had I not been actually sleeping for a change. I say 'for a change' because sometimes I write late into the night...and don't get a lot of rest.

Stacie, Oklahoma is a danged good place to be from, and yes, there are a great many tribes here. I hope you read this series...and the ones to follow! I try hard to put some history and romance on the page. Not always easy, but I think with this series I've done it.

Robin, I'm glad you think this sounds like a series you'd like to read. I hope you do read and enjoy the whole series, and the books yet to come.

Best to you both!

Victoria B. said...

Terrific series and beautiful covers! Continued success, Diane!

Victoria Bromley w/a Victoria Houseman

Diane D White said...

Thank you Victoria!
I'm waiting for your next book...give me a clue, eh?

atmcspadden said...

I recently spoke with a Native American man who truly hates white people. I was shocked at his response, because I believed that the American Indian spirit was now integrated into Western culture, like Chinatown or Little Italy. When I heard the kinds of discrimination he has endured in his lifetime, and the untold stories of poverty-stricken tribes today, I understood. Thanks for keeping knowledge alive, Diane!

Jo Webnar said...

Hey Di,
I love your books, and I'm glad that the Lakota Nation has a friend like you. Your heart is as big as the romance you write about.
Keep writing Di and keep poking our conscience. Hugs, Jo

Diane D White said...

Thank you for your insight. Yes, many Native Americans dislike the white race, but not necessarily actively like the one you encountered, and not as much as they did even thirty years ago. Many strides have been made in mending cultural fences, but there is a long way to go.

Jo! Thank you for your lovely compliments! I am still waiting for your next book and can see Saving Tampa on my keeper shelf right now!