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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Howdy-do from Lindsay!

Lindsay Klug here! I don’t know about anybody else, but I love doing research. Sure, sure, the best part of writing is setting the pen to paper and creating the worlds and characters, but wait a minute. What’s that thing that they used back in the day to do that stuff for that thing?

Oh, crap. Time to hit the books. I can sit for hour upon hour and search over the internet for every question I have. And when that answer has been found, three more pop up. Onward and upward!

Of course, I don’t write regency romance. To pen those, one has to be historically and culturally correct, and I almost failed history. While I love history and have visited many castles and landmarks, I can’t remember a date to save my life. Don’t tell anyone, but I once put the wrong birthday down for my son on a form.
I’ll sit over here in the corner and await the inevitable beating.

So instead of writing regency, I choose to stick with contemporary times. Beyond that, I rather enjoy the paranormal aspect as well. Currently, I’m working on a piece with a psychiatric ward and a possessed patient. To begin this, I needed to know the daily life of a psych unit nurse.

What a read. I found aspects of both nurse and patient experiences in one paper, and also gained the beginnings of a setting from a different article.

Ah, research. Always giving me stories to haunt my dreams.

Here’s my obligatory promo, since I mentioned contemporary and paranormal. ;)


Delila has roamed the Earth for over one thousand years with her maker, Alaric. She has everything a vampire could want: Beauty, brains, a booming business, and an ability to read human emotions.

When a werewolf makes an imprint in her life, Delila feels she may have finally found the soul mate she has been seeking. But  everything goes terribly wrong and Delila finds herself burdened with a young half breed child to protect from the evil forces of her world.


My website, blog, email, and where to buy Delila. Happy Saturday!


katsrus said...

Sounds like a great story. I like the idea of it also.
Sue B

Lindsay K. said...

Thanks, Sue! Glad to see you here. :)

MomJane said...

I really enjoy a story when it sounds real. It would seem you have the vision to make that happen in your writing.

books4me said...

Sounds like your books will be a good read due to the amount of time you put into them...more realistic and easier to feel like the reader is "there"!

books4me67 at

Toni said...

OOOOOOOhhhhh I like the sounds of this book!!


Lindsay K. said...

Thanks! I try to make them as real as possible without losing the paranormal feel. The settings are always places I've been, and since we lived in Germany and have traveled across the US I've been fortunate enough to have lots of experience to draw on. :)

Mara said...

Hi, Lindsey.
I've always loved research, too. When I was in school I couldn't stop myself from spending insane amounts of time finding exactly what I needed even if it didn;t leave me time to do the actual writing! The 'net is both a blessing and curse for people who love to research. When I went HS and college, er, the internet was, er, not there yet? We were all fascinated by Wang computers and people who wrote code.
Oy, i'm old! Love the idea for Delia...

marajbrandon AT earthlink DOT net

Chelle Cordero said...

I love doing research as well, I think that stems from 1 of my writing personas - the journalist. I pick up so many interesting facts.

Good luck with your story.


Na said...

Research is fun for me. As a reader I love stories that are well-researched. They don't necessary have to be inundated with facts but have the right feel to it. I even like knowing trivial facts for fun.

Your books sounds very intriguing. I wonder what went wrong after she thinks she's found her soulmate. I do like that it features a werewolf since I need to read more werewolves stories.