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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Holding Out For A Hero

I'm a member of a coffee club here in my apartment complex. We meet on Wednesday and on Saturday mornings for coffee. One day the subject came up about actors, specifically men. I had been talking about using some of my favorite actors as models for my heroes. specifically the three books that make up the Mac's Men series.
EZ Lovin' is the first book and the hero Ezechiel Zachariah is definitely Sam Elliot.
Long dark hair curling just at his shoulders, big mustache, cowboy hat, he is standing against a wall looking at her and all he says is "evening ma'am"

I also used Timothy Dalton,as he was when he played Mr. Rochester in Jane Eyre.
Liam Neeson with long hair and an eye patch. No he was not a pirate but an undercover agent.
We got to talking about what makes these men, not just the three noted above but all our other favorites as well, hero material for us.
Beside the obvious extremely good looking, there was what I like to call the "hero's code". In the movies as well as in our favorite books, our heroes have integrity,even when hurting they will defend what is theirs. Even when they don't know what or who they are defending. And they will move heaven and earth to do what is right.
So, what, or who are some of your favorite heroes, in book or film and why?


Mara said...

I can't think of a specific hero at the moment, but you're right that what makes them even sexier than the good looks is how they put their women or whoever they are supposed to protect in front of themselves every time. Now that's sexy!

marajbrandon AT earthlink DOT net

books4me said...

Heroes in book and film are men who are tough and will protect what is theirs and women/children with their lives. But they are also soft and kind hearted to women.

books4me67 at

rojo13864 said...

Oh..John Wayne in the westerns..yes a hero. Pierce Brosnan in the 007 Bond movies. Gary Hobson in Early Edition..(Sigh Kyle Chandler)

So many hero's to pick from.

nblack at twcny dot rr dot com

ElaineCharton said...

Oh yes, so many heroes so little time. Just look at how many of the posts today are about Hero's that says it all.

Robin said...

Lincoln Rhyme in Jeffery Deaver's novels - he cares about potential victims...

Robin D
robindpdx (at) yahoo (dot) com

ElaineCharton said...

How could I forget Lincoln?

Anonymous said...

I have had a crush on Sam Elliot since I was a kid. He's great inspiration for a hero.

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Chelle Cordero said...

Okay, I am drooling right now. For the physical image I'll take Harrison Ford, Denzel Washington, Tom Selleck,& Alex O'Loughlin for my fantasies, lol.

Personality wise, to me a MAN needs to be strong and protective, a little sensitive, treat his woman like a queen, and just a touch of mischief or bad boy. Yumm!


ElaineCharton said...

Good combination that is for sure!

Larion aka Larriane Wills said...

as a reader of all three, yeah. Sam baby. tim, yeah, that i can see. not too sure about Liam. I love him, but....;-)
one of my favs is Tom Selleck. pair him with Sam and you've got a winner.
Hi, Elaine

ElaineCharton said...

Hey Larriane!
Good to see you! I must have done something wrong because I am one of the few who saw Liam Neeson in the hero of Mac's Man.:)