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Friday, July 8, 2011


Heroes vs. Husbands

Romance readers and writers love their fictional heroes. We love the tortured souls. We love the bad boys. We love the strong, battle-hardened warriors. We love the supernatural creatures with all their incredible, scary, wondrous powers and abilities. And we love arrogant billionaire/surgeon/detective/rock star who is forced to realize he loves and needs to love, too.

I admit to being totally in love with a few fictional heroes, some of my own creation, some not. For example, J.R. Ward’s scarred and tormented vampire warrior Zsadist has totally claimed a small corner of my imagination! Among my own heroes, Hearts in Darkness’s Caden Grayson—sweet and kind on the inside, rough and sexy on the outside—is the stuff of which dreams are made. And Lucien Demarco, Forever Freed’s tortured, brooding Italian vampire hero makes me want to hug all his hurt away (and stuff! ;) ). Honestly, I haven’t met many fictional heroes I haven’t liked…

Many of us are also in serious relationships with real men. Whether boyfriends, partners, or husbands, it’s hard not to compare these real men we love to these fictional heroes we love to imagine. So, here are some ways Heroes and Husbands (or partners, boyfriends, etc.) compare:

A hero stops the bad guys and saves the day.

A husband kills the spiders and wipes up the blood splatter and broken-off legs.

A hero has cut muscles.

A husband has an average body that still feels totally great.

A hero has great hair.

A husband has a receding hairline, but you’ve been with him so long you remember his fuller, younger locks, and all the memories made since then.

A hero takes command of any situation.

A husband is smart enough to know he better take your opinion into consideration.

A hero has a tragic, tortured past he’s trying to overcome.

A husband has a regular screwball family just like the rest of us, and he has overcome whatever family drama he’s had to endure, with your help.

A hero is the king of all-night lovemaking and multiple orgasms.

A husband…er, yeah, I got nothing. ;)

A hero has fangs, or shifts into a wolf, or is a billionaire, or a rock star.

A husband knows how to fix your computer when it stops working, invests your retirement funds like a financial-planner pro, shifts into a handyman on demand, and plays Guitar Hero with you.

A hero lasts 300 pages.

A husband lasts a lifetime.

A hero loves his heroine above all else.

And so does a husband, and that’s why we love them both.

So, what did I miss? How else do heroes and husbands compare? And who are some of YOUR favorite fictional heroes?

Thanks for reading!
Laura Kaye
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Jan Romes said...

Good morning, Laura!

Your hero/husband comparisons made me smile. Adding a bit about husbands...mine makes me laugh a lot.

Have a great day!

Jan Romes

Anonymous said...

Good morning Laura,
I love this topic. My favorite is a hero last 300 pages but husbands last a lifetime. Here is one more for husbands:
Husbands know everything ... the good, bad, and the ugly... and love you anyway.
Have fun!
Nancy Weeks

Diana Cosby said...

Hi Laura,
A fun blog to begin the day. My favorite by you is:
A hero loves his heroine above all else.

And so does a husband, and that’s why we love them both.

I have so many favorite heroes, but one that immediately comes to mind is Grayson Thane from Born In Ice by Nora Roberts. It's my magical keeper book I reread whenever my muse needs to be filled. Take care, have a super weekend, and wishing you the very best! ^5

Julia Barrett said...

Good morning! I think you covered about everything - gotta love 'em both!

Juliana said...

Hehehe, loved the comparison!

I also fall quickly in love with my heroes and the heroes in the book I read ... but, above all, I'm crazy in love with my husband!
But he knows he has to share me with my heroes LOL
Once, I was talking to my sister-in-law (she is my brother's wife) who loved to read and we agreed that we read and write because of the guys in the books ... my brother and my husband didn't like that comment! hehehe My husband even threatened to not let me write anymore hehe he was joking, of course =P

Go hot, complicated heroes!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Laura,
My fav was:
A hero has fangs, or shifts into a wolf, or is a billionaire, or a rock star.

A husband knows how to fix your computer when it stops working, invests your retirement funds like a financial-planner pro, shifts into a handyman on demand, and plays Guitar Hero with you.

For me, I find bits and pieces of my hubby making their way into my leading men.
Thank you so much for reminding us of our everyday heroes!
Jami Gray

Laura Kaye said...

So great to see y'all over here everybody! Such fun comments! Thanks a bunch!

Jan--yes! Laughter is so important!

Diana--thanks for the recommendation!


Lilly Gayle said...

I adore this post, esp. the line: A husband is smart enough to know he better take your opinion into consideration.
Had me lol-ing! And a husband may not be able to make love to you all night/every night, but when it happens it's special. My husband is my rock. He's sometimes goofy, often doesn't pay attention to a word I say, but he makes me laugh. And when I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007, he was there for me. He was my rock and the one who made me remember how to laugh. So, fictional heros are great. But if you find the real thing, it's a true treasure...when you're not feeling the urge to bash him over the head. lol!

Laura Kaye said...

LOL Lilly--I loved your comment! And I totally agree--finding the real thing is priceless! Your last line had me LOLing! :)

Calisa Rhose said...

Aw Laura, you got nothing? Really?? How about he promises all-nighters of lovemaking? So what if he can't fulfill that promise- isn't it the thought that counts? ;)

Love your list! What else? Er... I got nothing.

Kelly Whitley said...

A romance hero sees the long legs, fabulous hair, and good looks.

A real man loves you regardless of the shape of your legs, the state of your hair, and the laugh lines on your face.


Laura Kaye said...

LOL--yes, Calisa, that definitely counts!

Kelly--great addition! Love it! :)

Mary Campisi said...

What a great post! I loved the 300 page hero versus the lifetime husband. That goes for the ex-husband too - he's kind of around forever! I have one of those but I have a hero husband too who loves my children and has helped raise them. It doesn't get much better than that.

A fictional hero? Why Mr. Darcy, of course!

Laura Kaye said...

Great comment, Mary! Thanks!

Laura said...

Hi, Laura,

What a fun post! I keep thinking - that's my favorite! No, THAT's my favorite! Love 'em all.

A romance hero, you hold his book in your hands for delight. A husband holds you, for delight, for comfort, for the feeling of the moment.

Take care,
Laura (Davies Tilley)

melissa_jarvis said...

Great post!!! I actually asked a question on my facebook page the other day--what happens when you fall in love with your hero to the point you're jealous of your heroine? Husbands will make time to take you to the doctor when you're sick, and be at every soccer game. Romance heroes are too busy running their billion dollar empires. My favorite romance heroes have to be the Scarlet Pimpernel and Mr. Darcy.

Laura Kaye said...

Ooh, Laura and Melissa--those are both great additions! Thanks!

Lynne Marshall said...

Love the list! Yeah, it's fun to read about heroes, but nothing compares to the one I have at home. Dependable, steadfast, willing to put up with me, and after 29 years we're still talking to each other! Love my sweet William.

Laura Kaye said...

Aw, that's so sweet, Lynne! Love it!

Mona Risk said...

Laura, what a great list. My heroes love their gorgeous heroines, but my husband loves me with my freezy hair and my extra pounds. He even loves my novels. So I'll keep him forever.

Louisa Bacio said...

What a fantastic and witty subject. Nicely done!

BTW -- I can still get my hubby to wear his military camos and not shave -- as evidence at the FF&P party!

Laura Kaye said...

Definitely a keeper, Mona! LOL

Louisa--yes, and he seemed great! Thanks for stopping by! :)

Elizabeth Daniels said...

Heroes have to be a realistic balance of flaws and strengths.

Husbands can be too good to be believable in fiction. :)

Paula Martin said...

Love your list - I would also add that a hero (and a husband) should have respect for the woman in his life and allow her to be herself.

Laura Kaye said...

Ooh, Elizabeth and Paula--those are both great! Agreed! :)

Kate Dolan said...

What a great idea! My husband will kill spiders for me, at least. I need to focus on the positive!
And I do like that part about a husband-as-hero NOT taking charge of every situation!