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Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Hello Everyone! Thank you for having me at The Long and Short Of It. I’m very happy to be with you today and thought it might be fun to share with you some things you may not know about me and, along the way the way, tell you a little about my latest book, A Gentleman Never Tells which has just hit the bookshelves.

I grew up in a family of seven children. Yes, take my word for it, nine people in a house is a lot! And there was no room for pets—no dogs, no cats, and no gerbils. My mom always said “I have enough kids and a husband to worry about. I don’t want anything else looking to me for food and water.” So I have absolutely no experience when it comes to dogs, but what did I do in A Gentleman Never Tells? I put two dogs in it. My hero the very dashing Viscount Brentwood inherited his mother’s fancy, little Pomeranian and my lovely and alluring heroine has her old, but beloved mastiff. Needless to say I did a lot of research about small dogs and very large, old dogs. Friends, family, and the internet were very helpful with my research. The funniest advice I was given about dogs; “They all stop, scratch, sniff, and go.” And I was well into my dognapper subplot for the book before I found out that I couldn’t use that word because it wasn’t coined until 1947. Dog thief worked just as well.

Another thing about me that you may not know is that I have four sisters. Each of them is very different from the other in personality traits, but not in looks. We lived in a small town when I was growing up and teachers, neighbors, and townspeople would say to me, “I know you are one of the Bass girls because you all look alike.” So when I decided to give my heroine a sister I had plenty of experience to draw from as to how Lady Gabrielle’s sibling should behave and react throughout the story. Though, I’m certain none of my sisters will ever admit to being like my heroine’s sister, she has a little of all four of them in her personality.

Something else that you may not know about me is that I would love to be a ballroom dancer. And yes, I love the TV show Dancing With The Stars! Every time I watch it I want to put on one of those long, flowing dresses and be twirled, swirled, and guided across the dance floor by one of those handsome young men who know just how to strut their stuff. The waltz, of course, is my favorite. And believe it or not, one of my favorite songs is "I Could Have Danced All Night." I smile and get goose bumps every time I hear that song. That’s why in all of my Regencies, I always have a ballroom scene and dancing. The dancing scene in A Gentleman Never Tells is written a little differently from my usual because the heroine is pretending to not know how to dance.

I hope you have enjoyed reading these tidbits of information from my life and that you will post a comment about something I’ve written for a chance to win a copy of A Gentleman Never Tells. Here’s a short synopsis of the book.

Lord Brentwood is minding his own business, walking his mother’s Pomeranian in Hyde Park early one morning when out of the mist a lovely and alluring young lady walks up and kisses him. Of course, this is all very much to his liking until they are caught and he finds out that she is not only another man’s fiancé, she also happens to be the daughter of a powerful duke. And if that wasn’t enough trouble for the Viscount to be in the middle of, he’s lost his mother’s dog, too.

Lady Gabrielle is beautiful, clever, and courageous. The last thing she wants is to be forced into another loveless engagement, so she isn’t going to give up her freedom easily. She has plans that her father and Lord Brentwood don’t know about. But Gabrielle discovers that Brent has a few plans of his own as together they work to find London’s notorious dog thief.

Please visit my website at or email me at for more information about me and my books.


A stolen kiss from a stranger…

As if from a dream, Lady Gabrielle walked from the mist and into Viscount Brentwood’s arms. Within moments, he’s embroiled in more scandal than he ever thought possible…

Can sink even a perfect gentleman…

Beautiful, clever, and courageous, Lady Gabrielle needs Brent’s help to get out of a seriously bad situation. But the more she gets to know him, the worse she feels about ruining his life…

Enter the unforgettable world of Amelia Grey’s sparkling Regency London, where a single encounter may have devastating consequences for a gentleman and a lady…

Winner of the Booksellers Best Award and the Romantic Times Award for Love and Laughter, Amelia Grey’s books have sold in Europe, Russia and China. Married for twenty-five years to her high school sweetheart, she has lived in Alabama, Connecticut, New Hampshire, and now calls Panama City Beach, Florida, home. For more information, please visit

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MomJane said...

So sad you had no dogs growing up (though I can understand your mother's perspective!)... interesting about "dog-napper" not being in use then.

Will look for you on "Dancing With the Stars"! *G*

jbandy8233 AT gmail DOT com

Thanks :-)

Michele said...

OOOH - The blurb sounds so good!

And I hear you on the no dogs. My dad had a hunting dog, and we didn't get to play with him all that much because he was a working dog and lived outside. I have no idea what it's like to have a dog IN the house full time. Now a kitty, that's different.

I bet holidays were frenetic and wild with that many kids around, especially Christmas! How big a tree did you have? LOL

I used to adore watching Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly growing up. I wanted to be like Shirley Temple... dancing away. She made kids feel like they could do anything.

Best of luck on your book sales ! I bet they are going to be stellar because the blurb is well done!

Amelia said...

If there is any way you can get me on "Dancing with the Stars" I'll pay my way to Hollywood!

Michele, there were few presents for us at Christmas but oh my at the food! Homemade cakes, candy, cookies, and pies, and all the fruit, nuts, and store bought peppermint candy we wanted to eat. And believe it or not, we always had a fake tree! And to this day, with many years of marriage behind me, I've never had a live Christmas tree.


Na said...

Hi Amelia,

I am a huge fan of Dancing With the Stars and I can't wait until it returns in the Fall. My favourite week is when they host dances from a certain era, I find the dresses and dancing beautiful and so regal. An all around entertaining show.

When it comes to the stories I read, there are two things I absolutely adore. Animals and babies. I like pets even better if they have perosnality to show, not just a presence. It's a real treat when the pet is actively involved in the story, perhaps defending his owner, offering a paw in comaraderie or being a source of comfort. The kinship and tenderness in which an owner treats his pets shows a lot about their own hearts. Whether an aging member of a family, or a ferocious, hyperactive animal their appearance in a book can really round out a story.


Amelia said...

Na, I have to say my favorite dance is the waltz no matter the era of the clothing. The dresses are usually long and sweeping and the dancers just glide across the floor. I LOVE it.

Take my word for it, Prissy and Brutus have their own personalities in A Gentleman Never Tells. I should know for sure but I don't but Amazon might have the first chapter availalbe to read and you can meet both dogs in the first chapter. I hope you love them as much as I do.