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Friday, July 29, 2011


As an author, I love to watch people. I guess it goes with my job. I know some of the characteristics I see in people I view end up in my books. I remember this one
gentleman who had a huge nose. And he insisted on drawing attention to it by taking out a large colored handkerchief and wiping it every minute or two. What a wonderful second string character he made.

There are all kinds of places to go to watch people, shopping malls, parks, restaurants, grocery stores, anyplace where people congregate. I don't visit the shopping malls like I used to, nor do we eat out all that often but I do love to go to the casinos which are only about an hour's drive from our home. These casinos resorts are great places for watching people. I've found some great expressions watching these people.

There are the individuals who are there just for fun. They don't pay a lot of attention to what's going on, they talk to people, they move around the casinos or the restaurants, shops, whatever, and oh what wonderful characters you can find there. As I sit and watch I see the most wonderful characters that will fit into any of my books.

Of course, there are the serious gamblers. They are all business. They don't smile, they concentrate on the game as if what comes next might be the end of the world. They do have the most wonderful expressions especially if I wanted to write a mystery or a horror novel. Usually, I don't pay that much attention to them. They really aren't good characters for my novels.

Of course, there are those who are serious, but there to have fun as well. They don't wear the glum expressions of the really serious players. These are some of the most fun people to watch. The husband who doesn't want his wife to lose any more money, the girl who is coaxing her boy friend to win, the grandmother who doesn't like the noise. Oh, I did love her expressions. The expressions of these people make for great fun, and I love to just sit and watch.

If you have the occasion to visit a casino, you might find the 'people watching' is even more fun than playing. I find some great characters watching casino players. And remember, wherever you go, there just may be an author out there wondering if you would make a good character for that writer's next work.

Award winning author Allison Knight claims she's married to the world's greatest husband because he's her greatest supporter and works with her on all her projects. The mother of four children, Allison retired from teaching to babysit grandkids and now, since they've grown, three cats. She has published seventeen romances and, because she loves to share her knowledge, blogs often. She also loves to talk about the growing digital market.


Linda Swift said...

Hi Allison. This is my second attempt to leave a post. The first disappeared into cyberspace! It is nice to meet you. We have some things in common. I'm a people watcher, too. And was in public education as a counselor and psychometrist before writing full time. And I'm a fellow Champagne author. I wish you continued success with your writing. Linda

Robin said...

I usually feel concern for people at casinos who may be gambling money they can't afford to lose...

Robin D
robindpdx (at) yahoo (dot) com