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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Fifty is nifty..

First I want to say Happy Anniversary to LASR! Long may you review!

I have friends who are much younger than me. Sometimes they'll start complaining because they are afraid of being 40 or 50. I just smile and say why? I found both birthdays to be liberating.
My first book was published the year I turned 50. That was the year I learned miracles do happen. The year before my husband and I packed everything up and moved cross country to Arizona.
Both families thought we were crazy and would be back in a year. That was eight years ago. When we drove into New Mexico on our way to Arizona I looked at my husband and said, "We're home". It was a feeling that continued as we drove into Arizona and to our new home.
Six months later I sold my first book. It was something I didn't think would ever write, a paranormal romance. I had talked with the publisher about one of my romantic suspense books and she suggested I look at the bible for a series she was trying to get started. One story line jumped out at me and I quickly wrote up a proposal and submitted it to her. After I had submitted my romantic suspense to her. I did receive contracts for both books, but the paranormal one was accepted first.

Since I turned 50 I've had several books published, written several more and done things I never thought I would do. Including being a guest on a television show and sitting on a panel at a book festival with a best selling author. I've also written a few more paranormal stories. I really do enjoy writing them. To find out more about that first paranormal,The Man In The Mirror as well as my other books check out my website

So the next time you start to think that forty, fifty and above is getting old. Think again. If this is getting old, I'll take it. I've done more and seen more since I've turned fifty then in the prior forty nine years of my life. Things that will eventually make it into one of my stories. After all everything does. As my husband, also a writer, is fond of saying, "I am an Author...I must Auth!"
Oh and the year I turned 50? My Red Sox finally won a world series! Miracles do happen.


Na said...

I remember when I was in my teens I though twenties were old and now that I am in my twenties it doesn't feel so old. I feel liberated and more accepting. To be cliche here, I really think age is just a number. It's how you feel and your attittude in life. The people all around me are aging but I don't see it since time seems to fly. All is see is how much they mean to me and all the things they add to my life. What a way to celebrate turning fifty by publishing your first book. Take that fifty!

katsrus said...

Congrats on your success. I think that is neat your know you were home when you moved. And great things have since happened to you. I am 52 and feel better in life than when I was younger.
Sue B

ElaineCharton said...

Thank you both! I totally agree Age is purely a number. Scientist say that keeping your brain active is a good thing, it keeps you young.If that is the case then Writers and readers have a lock on that.

Toni said...

They do say wine gets better with age. I'd say you are nice glass of wine. Congrats!!


ElaineCharton said...

Thanks Toni!
I'm sure my husband agrees with you.

Anonymous said...

Great post Elaine! You give me hope. I'm a few years away from 40 but I have decided to pick up and move to the Pacific Northwest. I don't want to deal with Midwest weather anymore. I don't know a soul where I'm heading but I know moving is the right thing for me at this time in my life.

User1123 AT comcast DOT net

ElaineCharton said...

Glad I can help. I hope the move works out well for you.
One thing I have learned is to finally listen to my instinct. They are usually right.

Robin said...

I agree! My mom completed a Master's degree at age 40 and a PhD at age 50!

Robin D
robindpdx (at) yahoo (dot) com

ElaineCharton said...

That is great your mom did that.i was 30 when I went to nursing school. One of my classmates was over 60