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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Cowboys Making A Comeback?

As a writer of Westerns, I often hear other writers say, "I hear Westerns are making a comeback?" I think what they are saying is that with most of the romance settings in Regency England or Scotland, where has the cowboy been?

When I first started reading romances, in the late seventies, there were so many wonderful settings to choose from, including the American Civil War, India, Colonial America, the Victorian age and the West. But if you look at the review magazines and count the variety of settings from mainstream publishers, the choices have narrowed.

I don't have anything against the Regency era, with Lords and Ladies cavorting at balls, wearing pretty clothes and playing at being rich like nineteenth century Kardashians or Paris Hilton. I'm sure the fact that we are reading about wealthy nobles who don't have to work is part of the appeal.

But I prefer stories about people who have to work hard for what they want, and at its core the Western is about how we as Americans faced a vast wilderness, and with ingenuity and grit, created a country.

So, while I know that the Western romance never went away, I'm hoping there will be more choices in the romance reading world. Certainly the development of the Ebook has paved the way for more variety in settings and characters.


Deborah Schneider is the author of Promise Me, available now from The Wild Rose Press
Promise Me won the 2011 EPIC Award for Best Western Romance
Deborah was named Librarian of the Year for 2009 by Romance Writers of America
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The Happy Booker said...

What a beautiful cover! Its been a while since I've read a western romance. I look forward to seeing some more of those!

Donna Smith
ahappybooker at gmail dot com

heather said...

I love my Western romances. They might be making a comeback to most, but they have always dominated my kindle and bookshelf :)

Brenda Hyde said...

I'm late in finding Western romances but I LOVE them now. The cool thing is that I have an unlimited choice from old and new stories:)

Robin said...

Western romances can be excellent!

Robin D
robindpdx (at) yahoo (dot) com

katsrus said...

Beautiful book cover. I just recently found wetern romances. I love them.
Sue B

Deborah Schneider said...

Thank you for the comments on the cover although I only submitted ideas and the graphic artist did the rest, I do think it evokes the book beautifully. I'm glad to find more fans of Westerns out there! Keep reading, ladies.

Sarita said...

I love a good western. Those cowboys get me every time.

Laura Ann Dunks said...

I agree I don't like reading about people who have it easy!

Anonymous said...

I love westerns because they are set during a time when large parts of the country were lawless. I love the danger it adds to the story.

User1123 AT comcast DOT net

books4me said...

I like the cover. Cowboys/westerns have never gone away! The idea of a hard working, sexy man has always appealed to women.

books4me67 at

shiderly77 said...

I used to looooove western romances! I haven't read as many lately because I've gotten into romantic suspense but I do remember the westerns fondly.

JohnF said...

Great choice with the cover!

Na said...

I have always loved reading about cowboys. I didn't realize if they are making a comeback but I hope they are here to stay.

Tanya Hanson said...

Well, as you know, I love cowboys, too. How could ya not? Best wishes.