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Friday, June 24, 2011


Hi, everybody! Lindsay Klug here, ready to chit chat with you.

The only problem is, I have no idea what to talk about. That’s right. The writer has no clue what to say. Sometimes it happens. The dreaded Writer’s Constipation looms and ideas hit a tiny clog and stop flowing.

But where does a writer get a plunger to free the ideas? I usually try a short flash fiction piece. Something between fifty and one hundred words, and it would have to include three words. Say…Dark, eyes, and salad. Are you ready? Here’s a little fiction to get the juices flowing:

The images flashing across my TV screen are making me grimace. Blood, gore, violence. What happened to good old psychological thrillers? I change the channel to another scary movie, one about a man trying to track ghosts. When he turns his video camera on and sees a pair of ghost legs dragging themselves from the room, I jump and my salad spills all over the couch.

Grumbling, I walk to the dark kitchen to get a towel. A thud from outside draws my attention, but only my eyes are reflected back in the glass. Nerves are shooting through me, making my chest tighten and stomach clench with anticipation.

The cat leaps onto the counter, sending me stumbling back against the refrigerator in fear, gripping at my chest. With a nervous laugh, I throw the towel on the counter and turn to walk back to the living room. But the man staring at me through the window catches my eye first.

Well, that certainly got my ideas flowing again. Now I’ve got the beginnings of a story about a stalker itching to be written, among the other three hundred stories floating in my head.

Now what? I’m overflowing.

This is where my wall of sticky notes comes in handy. Yes, that’s right. I have pads of sticky notes sitting next to me as I write, because you never know when the next idea will hit. As they come, I jot them onto the note and tack it to my wall, where it resides among the plethora of other stickies.

Oh, disorder. How you’ve penetrated my workspace.

If you’d like to see how I managed to cobble together my first release, The Life And Times of Delila, hop on over to and have a look around. You can also find information on my next release, due this summer. And be sure to stop by the blog every Wednesday for an ongoing web story at

Thanks for having me, LASR, and happy reading, everybody!

Lindsay Klug is an author of paranormal romance, contemporary romance, and horror. She lives with her husband, two children, and pets. When she’s not chasing her kids around, she’s working as a pharmacy technician, dreaming up her next tattoo, or writing. Lindsay can be found on Twitter (@infidelqueen) and on Facebook (LindsayKsauthorpage), as well as Good Reads and Manic Readers.

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