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Monday, June 6, 2011


A Day In the Life

I’ve been asked lots of times what the life and times of a romance author has to be like. Some people have a preconceived notion that life must be glamorous and thrilling. Some think all I do is sit and stare at the computer screen. I’ll try to walk you through a normal day in the life of Wendi Zwaduk. General attire? Jeans and a comfy tee or hoodie. Socks, because I get cold easily, and at least one animal hanging over my shoulder wanting to know what I’m doing.

7:30 – Time to get up, get tot around, make tot lunch, get tot into bathtub and turn computer on.

8:30 – Take totlet to school, run errands and start the day job. The day job takes me about 4 hours. Lots of computer work, lots of finding things on web pages. It’s not super alluring, but it’s fun and hey, those couple bucks help pay the promo bills. Throw first load of laundry in and fold whatever it was that I forgot to take out of the dryer the last time I did laundry. In this period of time, I tend to forget the laundry is in the washer/dryer and rush to get it done before it gets smelly.

1:00 – if the day job stuff is done, then it’s time to work on writing for a while. Now the muse doesn’t always want to cooperate. So sometimes it’s the time I read blogs, fiddle on my blog, or research for writing. Hey, you gotta have a moment to look at those hotties that fuel the muse. She gets cranky if I don’t. I usually have lunch somewhere in here. Nothing thrilling, just something I tossed in the microwave. I’m still doing laundry and more than likely as I’ve walked past a counter, I think, I should clean that off. I’m a queen of procrastination, so if the muse is being herself, I will end up scrubbing the kitchen down, pledging the wood furniture (you know, using Pledge to clean them), flip around the tv to find noise to listen to while I’m goofing around and glancing at the computer. At least once or twice I beg the muse to stop being so fickle. This is when she sticks her tongue out. Brat.

2:45 – get in line to get tot from school. This is where I people watch. It’s fascinating to see what people do while waiting to pick up their kids. I usually fiddle on my phone to read what’s new on the epublisher pages, who has a new book out, and what I might like to read.

3:30 – tot in car, heading home. Then there’s homework, cuz the tot has to be smart, dinner, cleaning up after dinner, then it’s time to do reading homework. Seems like not a lot, but it takes time.

7:30 – been a 12 hour day, but it’s not over. I’m still catching up on that laundry. I’m working to make sure I don’t forget something in the dryer this time. Then, if I’m lucky, the BFF is around, so there’s the marathon chat session. Yeah, we talk A LOT.

8:30 – tot goes to bed, DH goes to work, now its time for me to try to get something done. If the muse is happy, we write. If she’s still being cranky, then I blog.

See? It’s not thrilling. But it’s my life. I’d love to say I’ve got a cool soundtrack playing while I work and write, but it’s whatever’s on the television or iPod.

What’s your day like? I’d love to know I’m not the only one wandering around in the jeans and tee brigade.

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