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Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Angels Among Us

"It is not known precisely where angels dwell--whether in the air, the void, or the planets. It has not been God's pleasure that we should be informed of their abode." Voltaire

Do you believe in angels? Do you believe they walk among us? That they watch over us?

We've all had moments when we are certain something or someone has interceded on our behalf, stepped between us and tragedy...

Something tells you not to take the flight you're scheduled for. You feel silly but at the last minute cancel your reservations. You find out later the plane you would have been on crashed.

You're running ten minutes late because you can't find your cell phone. Then you get caught in a traffic jam where you find out ten minutes ago a car ran a red light and hit another driver head on.

Your loved one is dying. He/she looks at a blank wall and gives a blinding smile of recognition and moments later passes in peace.

You turn down a group of your peers that have invited you to a concert out of town. The carload is killed in an accident on the way back home. If you'd gone with them, you would have been killed as well.

You're coming home alone late at night. Your car stalls out in front of your house. If it would have happened earlier, you would have been stranded.

Has something similar happened to you? Do you feel someone or something interceded at some point on your behalf, and if so how? And do you think the intercession was an angel that walks among us?

And speaking of angels, what about all those wonderful organizations out there that give unstintingly to others. If there are any that have made a difference in your life, or that you belong to, please feel free to mention them in a comment.

I live in North Carolina with my husband, dog, cats and an occasional foster cat. I’m a vegetarian and believe in the adage, ‘if it has a face don’t eat it’, and I’m an animal advocate.

As far as my writing I’m a genre hopper. I write nonfiction metaphysical, YA Crossover, paranormal romance, time travel and western romance. My blog sites are: and If you’re in the vicinity drop by and say ‘hey.’


Mona Risk said...

Sandra, lovely blog. Yes some people say an angel is watching over them. I call it, it's a miracle... Yes many miracles happened to me.

Donna said...

I believe in angels. Beautiful post. I am a new follower here and I am enjoying the posts. I will also be checking out your blog. I would love a follow visit to my blog. I am hosting a give away this week and would like to invite you to enter. Thanks. Donna

Sherry Gloag said...

I'm a great beliwver in angels, Sandra, and have had a couple of incidents where I believe they've made a difference. Many of them come in the guise of 'Earth Angels' :-)

Sandra Cox said...

Hi Mona, Hi Donna, Hi Sherry,
Thanks for stopping by, ladies. I appreciate it.
Yes, I think we all have our own personal angels/guardians.
Donna, I'll be stopping by.