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Monday, May 23, 2011


My latest release in print only is Moon of Ripening, a story of love that overcomes hardship and struggle, as well as racial barriers. Thunder Heart, a Lakota warrior, saves the lives of two white women during Red Cloud's war. In doing so, he endangers his people who could easily become the target of the soldiers or encounter the wrath of Red Cloud who considers all white people his enemy. Of course, in the end, love prevails, as it always does in a romance book, but it's the getting there that is the essence of the tale. I loved researching and writing this one in particular...but the next one will probably become my favorite, as each book emerges from the darkness and my sense of accomplishment grows. There will be four more books in the Lakota Moon series and I sincerely hope you enjoy them all.

When I began research for the Lakota Moon series I ran across a website that deals with donations for the people of Pine Ridge Reservation. Reading further, I discovered this place in the center of our country is one of the poorest places in the nation, and like a 3rd world country in some respects. It made me ashamed to be an American, for the first time in my life. I cannot imagine children who have no school supplies, people without winter coats, families who know hunger—not here in the USA.

I bookmarked the sites that pertained to this and kept up with the issues, eventually joining and contributing to their drives. Anyone who is interested in helping, may go to their site at:

While there have been innovations and changes recently that the Lakota have taken to improve their lives, such as small business development, there is a long road ahead and my hope is that others will see their efforts and be willing to assist.
The Lakota are a proud people and the only Native American Nation to withstand the onslaught of the pioneering whites. They drove the white man away, thanks to Red Cloud and Crazy Horse's leadership, and until the 'goons' in Washington broke the treaties and sent troupes in, they remained free on their lands.

My social conscience was stricken heavily by the horrible conditions these people live with and it boggles the brain to think of the money spent on foreign wars when we have so much need right here.

When you read my books—and I wish you will—you will hopefully glimpse the true people of the Nations. They are a treasure trove of wisdom and knowledge we've only begun to tap.

Diane Davis White
From the Heartland

I have a passion for writing, a love for history and an obsession with genealogy.

I grew up in Southern California, but now reside in the wide open spaces of the North Central Plains.

I love taking pictures of storms, sunsets, sunrises, trees and cloud formations.
They inspire me when I write, which I do mostly for the pleasure of it.

When someone tells me they like my stories, I am overjoyed!

My genres include Western Historical, Regency, occasionally contemporary romance, and a bit of whimsical fantasy.

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Heide Katros said...

Diane Davis White is too modest in her comments about her talents. Not only is she a wonderful author, but she is a lovely lady with an eye for cover art that turly captures the essence of the story.

Miriam Newman said...

Yes, and she does a mean web site, too! This lady is all kinds of talented. But even more than that, the Lakota are near and dear to her. So when you read one of her books you're not only getting a good story by a talented author, but that extra dimension found in a book of the heart.

Kate Hofman said...

Diane Davis White is a wonderful writer. Not only does she make you see what she saw, she makes you feel what she felt. That is a rare gift.

I love her books!