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Thursday, March 17, 2011


Thirteen reasons to love St. Patty’s Day!

1. Clovers! St. Patrick used the shamrock, a Druid symbol of luck, to illustrate the Holy Trinity. To this day, it holds both pagan and non-pagan meaning.

2. Kisses!  Do you have to be Irish to rock a button that demands a kiss? Hell, no! I want them on the cheek. The other cheek. On the hand, on the freckle on my belly…everywhere!

3. Pinches! Just make ‘em soft and gentle, please. Oh, okay, if you must pinch hard, rub it better after. Better yet, kiss it better!

4. Brehon Law. In medieval Ireland, Brehon Law ruled and while some of them were hilariously specific like what penance was due for a mouse in the kitchen, the laws gave women many rights including divorce rights.

5. Fae. The Irish really do swear Fairies exist. I, for one, believe them.

6. Wooded glens. Is there anything more romantic than a stolen kiss in a wooded glen by the light of twilight?

7. The incredibly flat, jagged and steep Slieve League Cliffs along the coast of Northern Ireland where murder takes place in Irish Moon. Imagine peering over that edge down to the roar and crash of ocean waves.

8. The Pale and beyond. ‘The Pale’ refers to the area of Dublin once the English moved in and ‘screwed things up’. The Pale never reached far, though and northern Ireland is still much like it’s Scotch-Irish highlander roots.

9. In Irish Moon, Breanne O’Donnell is ordered to choose a husband by Beltane. Beltane is much like Samhain and considered to be a time when the veil between the Fae and humankind is thinnest.

10. Colleen. What a great term to describe a beautiful young lass!

11. Chess. This game originated in the highlands. Originally in chess, the Bishop was the Druid priest. It was later changed as Catholicism grew in popularity.

12. Sacrifices. Some believe the Druids made human sacrifices. This is based on the high amount of human skeletal remains found in bogs. I, however, believe the bogs could in fact have been used for other purposes. Perhaps for executions, or post-death disposal. I like to save the human sacrifices for dark magic use in the Moon series, as seen in Enchanted Moon coming this fall.

13. Ashlon Sinclair. Okay, I admit I’m cheating with this one. Ashlon isn’t Irish at all. He’s one of the few remaining members of the disbanded, considered to be heretical, Templar Knights. His deathbed vow to bury the Bloodstone and all Templar secrets with it in the farthest reaches of Ireland is the catalyst for Irish Moon. But he is so devastatingly handsome, can I get a free pass?

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Adelle Laudan said...

Don't forget the green beer! Happy St Patty's Day!

CountryDew said...

I love the Irish blessing - May the roads rise to greet you, etc.

I liked your post - very romantic indeed.

Dawn said...

Great post! Happy St. Patrick's Day! :-)

I am Harriet said...

I forgot about the pinching :)

Enjoy your Thursday!

colleen said...

I'm so Irish I don't even need to wear green. My name IS Colleen.

Alice Audrey said...

Pinches?! Oh no, I forgot to remind the kids to wear green!

Indie said...

@Adelle, of course the beer! Green beer rocks!
@CountryDew, what a great saying! Thank you for the compliment. I'm a hopeless romantic indeed.
@Dawn, Back atcha & thank you for reading!
@Harriet, some pinches are good...? :)
@Colleen, I love it! It's a beautiful name.
@Alice, Eek! Kids pinch hard, too.

Thank you all for commenting! Cheers and kisses!

Amber Scott Books said...

Yeah, so "Indie" should read Amber Scott above. Technical difficulties on my end. EEK and sorry 'bout that.

Anonymous said...

Food! I just ran down to the local Irish pub and brought back a ton of goodies. Corned beef and cabbage, fish and chips and lamb stew. My husband is in the UK this week (he was in Ireland over the weekend - lucky guy) so I will have plenty of leftovers. I won't have to cook for days! LOL

user1123 AT comcast DOT net

i beati said...

loved all of it sandy

princessr9 said...

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Thanks for stopping by!

Shelley Munro said...

Pinching? What pinching? We don''t do any pinching down here.

Amber Scott Books said...

Congratulations to Stacie, who won according to the random number generator gods!
Can't wait to hear what you think it!