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Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Ghost Hunting

I have been on several "investigations," and, of course, I'm still not sure what I believe. In my heart, I definitely want ghosts to exist. Has one ever tapped me on the shoulder? No. I love the people I work with; they're there to disprove ghosts as much as prove them, which is what the Krewe of Hunters work at, too. A few personal experiences made me believe in more. Well, actually, a lifetime made me believe in more.

My mom came from Ireland, and I spent a lot of formative years with her family. To keep my sister and me in line, Granny would tell us that if we didn't take care, "the banshees would be gettin' us in the outhouse!" We were teenagers before we talked and admitted she had us going--we didn't have an outhouse!

My father in law was a devout Catholic--but he also loved every minister on air, and would listen to anyone of any faith; if there ever was a man who deserved Heaven, it was him. I was with him when he was gravely ill at the end; I was alone with him when his breathing changed. I called the doctor who said that he was in a coma and would not come out of it, so I sat there holding his hand and waiting for my husband and mother-in-law. Suddenly he sat straight up, looked out across the room, reached his hand out and smiled. Then he fell back, and he was dead. I looked across the room and felt chills up and down, but I wasn't afraid; I believe that someone--angel? Parent? Brother, sister?--came for him. Of course, I'm sure a scientist might explain about nerve endings and the brain, but he was a tremendously good man, and I can't help but believe what I felt.

A second story has to do with a young friend who is six-four and a very macho cop. He was called to an accident. He got a man out of the driver's seat, but the man begged him to go back for his daughter. My friend hadn't seen a little girl. He went back because the father was so ardent. He found the little girl under the seat in back, got her out, and the car exploded. He brought the little girl to the paramedics, and then asked about the father. The paramedic was puzzled; he told my friend that the father had a broken neck--he had been killed on impact. So, does our desire to protect go beyond death? I don't know. I know that I met one very shaken six-foot-four macho cop at my son's house that night!

Have you had any experiences you couldn't explain?  Leave a comment and tell us your thoughts.  One lucky commenter will win a print copy of "Phantom Evil"!

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Michele said...

Oh, gosh! The story about the accident and the little girl had me tearing up. ::sniff::
I personally think it wasn't only the power to protect but of love - the strength of it can be stunning.
Thank you so much for sharing that!

And yeah, your experience with FIL is not the first one I've heard and I do believe that they DO see someone. Nerve endings be danged - humans can be so arrogant at times.

Your book sounds really awesome! I'll be adding it to my TBB pile whic will eventually end up on my TBR pile *grin*

Question: If you could experience a paranormal event for real - what would you want it to be that you feel would have the most impact?

Ok..another one...ever do an EVP session? lol- yeah, I watch Ghost Hunters. ;-)

Linda Swift said...

Great post, Heather. I enjoyed it.
As a young child, one night I sat on the porch with my mother, and my beloved grandfather was propped in a reclining position resting from his day's work on the farm. A large red ball, like a setting sun, suddenly appeared in the nearby maple tree, hovered, then rose and disappeared. I was frightened but said nothing. My mother suddenly left the porch and minutes later, I followed. I found her in the kitchen telling my dad and grandmother the same thing I'd seen. They rationalized it. I spoke up and they said I was just imagining it. A month later, my grandfather died. There were other incidents of lights in this house. Later, it burned. Haunted? Maybe.

debbie h said...

Heather, that was a spooky story about the cop and the dad.

I lost my dad in a car accident a while ago and since he's been gone if I'm especially troubled about something he comes to me in my dreams to help me through whatever is troubling me.

BTW, I have loved your novels contemporary, paranormal and historical. You in fact were the author who persuaded me to give paranormal a try and I haven't looked back

Laura said...

Wow, that story about the little girl and the cop gave me chills!

I've always loved this sort of thing too and have read stories and watched tv shows/movies my whole life. My husband has had experiences but I never have. There is an old prison that I grew up close to that does overnight lock-ins. One of these days I'm going to do it!

I will definitely be checking out the book!

Jaime Samms said...

I don't have any ghost stories of my own. but I do have all those tickley short hairs on my scalp dancing now...I do think there's more going on in the universe than we can explain, that's for sure.

Jaime Samms

Stormy said...

Hi Heather, I've never personally experienced anything paranormal that I can recall but I truly believe that there are things we arent' allowed to see for our own sanity. I think as children we allowed to see things because we haven't learned to doubt what we see. I have a cousin that as a child often talked about a man that she would see in their home. When she described him and talked about things he said to her it was pretty obvious that it was a deceaced great-grandparent. He would tell her stuff that she couldn't possibly know about as a 3 or 4 year old.

Cullensmyguy said...

Hi there Heather,

I have not had the opportunity to read your books yet, it looks like I've been missing out. I'm looking forward to fixing that today. Thank you for taking the time to blog, it's so nice to meet new (to me) authors.

I have experienced something "paranormal" and I'll never forget it. My husband passed away and I was obviously distraught. Laying in bed one night, thinking I'd never make it through, I felt his arms wrap around me. It did not even surprise me, even though I'm terrified of all the "woogie boogie" (my son's words)stuff. From that point on, I was able to handle things much better. I've not felt him since then, but I'm grateful just the same. I think sometimes love is stronger than death.

I look forward to reading your newest novel. Best wishes for success in the future.

Shannon Leigh said...

Your story looks awesome, and your personal accounts were chilling. I personally do believe in ghosts, spirits, demons, etc. I've had a few different things happen in my life that lend to that opinion but if I have to choosenone to share it will be one that still makes me want to cry with joy. When I was a new graduate working at the local hospital in the nursery department, one of my fellow nurses came in one night all excited about showing us a picture of her parents recent vacation. She handed me a photo of the clouds, taken from inside an airplane. It was a nice picture, with the sunlight kissing the edges of some big marshmallow-like clouds. Then my eyes fixated on the figure in the midst of the glowing billows and that's when I saw the angel. I'm not talking one of those shapes that you make out and say, " oh, it looks like a turtle or a dog or a fish jumping over a wave, no, it was an actual angel. I could see her yellow-tinted hair, her white flowing gown, her wings! This was no photography trick. You could tell it was real and it was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. So now every time I'm on an airplane, I take pictures of the clouds, hoping to "catch" a glimpse of heaven.

Michele said...

Cullensmyguy-what you shared makes me want to sniffle too!
I almost lost my husband in February to a heart attack. So...your comment really hit home.

Michele said...

Linda - your story gave me the willies.
So many options of what that red light could possibly be pinged around in my head- and then to find out the house burned? ::shudder::

This has to be the most interesting blog post with responses I've read in a long while.
Very cool!

Cullensmyguy said...

Thanks for the hugs Michelle,

I was hesitant to post such a personal event, but now I'm glad I did. This experience certainly made me incredibly thankful for every moment with my loved ones. I'm sure you feel the same.


Terra Pennington said...

Wow that was an amazing interview. Left chills on the arms. I need to check out Phantm Evil sounds like a good books.


Shannon Leigh said...

Cullensmyguy, that is an awesome story. I can only imagine how that must have felt. It really makes me appreciate the feel of my husband's arms every night. You are truly lucky to have one that loved you that much. I don't know if I should cry or smile or both!

Stormy said...

Oh my! I'm with Shannon and Michelle, Cullensbyguy! What a breathtaking and amazing story! Thank you for sharing! Bless your heart, Michelle. I'm glad to hear his that his health has improved. Michelle, I saw where you mentioned you love Ghost Hunters. We're big fans in our hh as well. The guys on that show are easy to watch because they are trying just as hard to disprove something and yet are willing to agree that something is there if they can't disprove it. They're always very respectful of the people they deal with as well as the "paranormal".

Michele said...

Stormy, I have a special place in my affections for Jay and Grant because they came to my hometown library to "check it out".
I've been a fan ever since. And yes, my DH is doing well. Thank you!

And you're right, Callensmyguy, I do feel that way. It's like I've gotten a second chance.

Oh! and here's an interesting tidbit to add to Heather's story about her FIL - I was telling my co-worker about what Heather said and she related that her mother was with her grandmother when she passed.

Her grandmother was weak, frail and could no longer move without assistance. Seconds before she passed, she opened her eyes, smiled and raised her arms up, reaching out with a strength and purpose she'd not had in months. When her arms dropped, she was gone.
I teared up and had goose bumps all at the same time.

If not for this post, I never would have had this conversation with my co-worker and friend.

Thanks, Heather!!!!

EngridE said...

Love the post, great stories. Within a week after my mother passed over to the other side, I had three distinct pats/or hand strokes on my hair. No open window, no ceiling fan, no fan at all, no ceiling vent. We were visiting my stepfather's townhouse, watching a movie and commenting how much my mother would have loved the movie.

I do believe in spirits. Energy doesn't dissipate, it just changes form.

Christine H said...

I Do, And I still don't know what to believe either. I was alone sleeping in bed, Husband was at work, it was 1AM and I was woken up to one loud knock on my bedroom door that was closed & locked. I sat up and screamed "What!" Nothing. Then another single loud knock. This was not funny and I was scared!!!
I ended up calling 911, locking myself in the master bath and talking to 911 unitl the police arrived. When they arrived and searched around the house they seen no signs of a break in, so it was either come out and let them in or they'd break in. I let them in and they searched and still to this day I do not know what made those noises. Nothing like this has ever happened before and for 10yrs my husband had worked 3rd shift and nothing like this had ever happened before. I was scared & just stayed up til morning and then felt better. Still wish I knew what made that noice. hummmm??????

Thanks for listening & for the contest! I'd love to read your book, Now that I'm not alone at night anymore. :)

cindystubbs said...

I've read many of ur books. I know your name & I don't know many author's names. I didn't see a ghost I heard a ghost. I was imagining having this big blast of a party at the haunted house with lots of alcohol to chase the ghost out and boy did my ears ring tho' I couldn't make out any actual words I could feel the anger! It made a believer out of me. The ghost read my mind 'cause I didn't say it out loud. I wouldn't go to the bathroom by myself or anywhere in that house.

Caroline Clemmons said...

I have had paranormal experiences but hesitate to put it in print. One I will share is similar to Heather's. When my mom was recovering from a broken hip, she told me that my dad had come and smiled and held out his hand to her. She was afraid to take it, but she told me she was no longer afraid and the next time it happened she would take his hand and I shouldn't worry. Three years later, she had a perforated diverticulum which caused a heart attack and she was dying. Two exceptionally kind nurses were trying to revive her as I held her hand. She stretched out her hand, and she was gone forever. I really believe my dad came for her.