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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Love that bridges even death

At Valentine's Day especially our thoughts turn to romantic love. But what about the other love--love that goes beyond flowers and candy? Love that bridges time and distance, even death. Love that lets go and encourages the object of that love to live on. This love has been written about, turned into some of our favorite movies, and made into song. Think of Celine Dion singing 'The Heart Will Go On'.

This is the love that is at the heart (literally) of my novel, Love, Sam (2010, Champagne Books). When her life partner of six years dies, Trish Garrity has to find a way to live. Sam, who knew death was imminent, leaves twelve letters for Trish, one to be opened on the first of each month for the first year, each presenting Trish with a challenge, a gift, or a plan to move her on with life.
An excerpt and reviews can be read at:
Many of us carry the memories of those who have loved us and have left us, and we find those memories, that love that cherished who we are, to be uplifting, encouraging, and supportive, even at our lowest times.
How about you? Do stories of this kind of love touch your heart and trigger your own memories?


Linda Swift said...

Linda, I'm hearing good things about your book. It sounds like a story that will touch any reader's heart. I wish you much success.
Another Champagne Linda. There seem to be at least 3 or 4 of us there.

linda_rettstatt said...

Hi, thanks for commenting. I've lost track of who's here. I'm bouncing between two blogs and writing.

Jean P said...

I read the excerpt, this book sounds like it is a powerful story. Putting it on my list.

skpetal at hotmail dot com

Jeanne M said...

Linda, your comments got me thinking about my husband and the way he shows his love to me. Granted, he's not very good in the "gift giving" department (think brooms and vacuums) but everyday he does the little things that make a difference - having the dishes put away if he gets home before me, shoveling out my car before he goes to work so I can sleep in an extra half hour before I leave for work - the everyday things that make my life a little bit easier.

I'll take the little things anyday because they truly show me just how much he loves me.

Judy said...

This looks like a great story. I love stories like this, even though they pull at my heart strings. I am in my early sixties, and we have to start thinking of our spouse leaving or myself leaving my spouse.

linda_rettstatt said...

When I first started this book, I was worried the story might be too sad, too heavy. Then I realized (with the help of my critique partners) that the story spoke to real life and gives hope because we can heal and go on from loss. And sometimes it's the way were are/were loved that leads us through the grief to a new life.

Maria Zannini said...

Ref: Do stories of this kind of love touch your heart and trigger your own memories?

Absolutely. Love transcends death. I believe that with all my heart.

Kasey said...

Definitely believe in this one. Love transcends death. Love exists everywhere, especially on the other side.