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Saturday, February 12, 2011

How about love, marriage---and a midlife crisis?

For those of you who enjoy reading about an older heroine, let me tell you about my book, The Year I Lost My Mind. When Beth Rutledge turned fifty, the number didn’t really bother her—but everything else seemed to be disturbing. She was irritated by her husband, David, and his fastidious and predictable habits. Her marriage was solid, but Beth was suddenly missing a part of herself that seemed to have gotten lost along the way. She spends the next year trying to reclaim that lost part.

Beth's story begins:
My name is Beth Rutledge. Today is my birthday. I am fifty-one years old. I have a thriving interior decorating business, a son in college, a daughter who just made me a grandmother and a husband whom I love very much. My mother will tell you that I have been having a midlife crisis. My best friend will tell you that I am courageous. My husband will tell you that, on my last birthday and for just a little while, I lost my mind.

I will tell you this: Sometimes you have to lose something in order to reclaim it. Sometimes you have to trust the love that holds the seams of your life together and stretch it to a new limit. Sometimes you just have to lose your mind... and follow your heart.

I loved writing this story of a woman who has a good life, a loving husband, and two wonderful kids. But still realizes something is missing. And it doesn't mean walking away from what is already good in order to find it. It means trusting the love in her life to support her through the journey. The transformations that occur in Beth and in those around her change all of their lives forever. I've journeyed with many women who faced similar questions. I've faced those questions myself. They're a part of life. If we're lucky, we have the support of those who love us even though they don't understand what's happening. But isn't that the essence of love?

Linda Rettstatt


Linda Swift said...

Linda, this is a story that I will love. And like you, I also like to write about this time in a woman's life. I have a story with a 52 year old heroine coming out in April so we have that in common. Best of luck wih this book. Linda, too.

Sherry Gloag said...

Linda, your book sounds fascinating. Thanks for sharing it. Another for my wish list?-) Good wishes with it.

Raquel Byrnes said...

This sounds so much like what my friend went through. She'd love this. And the title is so funny!
Edge of Your Seat Romance

Elie said...

Just from the clip, I can tell I like you style of writing. Thanks for sharing.


elizabeth noble said...

I love the idea of this book, can't wait to read.


linda_rettstatt said...

Thanks, all. The title actually came from a women's midlife group that I was running. One of the women said, "I feel as if I'm losing my mind, and my husband would agree." Well, those words begged a story. Many of my books start with the title and I work from there. This book is also set largely in a place in Pennsylvania that is very close my heart and spirit--Ohiopyle State Park in the Laurel Mountains.


Jean P said...

Great idea for a story. Thanks for sharing. Adding this one to my list.

skpetal at hotmail dot com

Margaret said...

This story seems to be right up my alley! Thanks for posting!

linda_rettstatt said...

One of my goals with my writing is to create stories and characters that resonate with readers. I want my readers to identify with the characters or to be able to say, "I know this experience, too."


Maria Zannini said...

What a fantastic blurb! You hooked me immediately--especially since it's about my age bracket. :)