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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Happy Saturday!

YA author Jo Ramsey here to party! Or at least to hang out and get to know some other great authors, in between deadlines and paperwork.

The main characters in my Reality Shift series are 14 and 16, and while there isn't exactly a romance between them, there's definitely some tension. Shanna Bailey knows she feels more than friendship for Jonah Leighton, but is too worried about rejection to act on it. Jonah has a lot planned for his future, and isn't sure a relationship would fit in.

Which leads to my question for readers. Do you believe teenagers can fall in love? I don't mean "puppy love", but real, genuine, lasting love. When you were a teen, were you in love with someone?


Nancy G said...

I was twelve when I discovered my grandmother's neighbor's son. He was tall and handsome and unfortunately very Catholic, which I am not. He was also very Italian and although we remained friends, he never knew how he broke my heart back then.

Kasey said...

Definitely!!! And often their love is more genuine, more real, because they haven't been tainted by society's views of what real love is or should be. Often their love is real and genuine...pure. Though I was never in love when I was a teen, I know others who were, and I believe in it 100%.


Jean P said...

Of course they can. It can be a very deep and lasting love. I never was, but know of ones that were.

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Anonymous said...

I can't really answer.. I'm 19, so I guess my love could still count as puppy love. I'm still together with my first boyfriend, for three years. I think it is possible to really fall in love, even as a teen.

luciatea01 (at)

Maria Zannini said...

Well, I got married at 18 and fell in love with my husband to be at 16.

And this year we celebrate 36 years together so I definitely believe teenagers can fall and stay in love.