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Monday, February 7, 2011


Warning!  Do not attempt to stop chainsaw with your… 

      I'm sure you've noticed that merchandise companies place some mighty weird warnings on some of their products.  Have you been bored enough to read any of the warning labels?  Or perhaps you're like me and just looked them up on the internet.  Alright, I'm a nerdy author, that's what some of us do for fun!

      A vacuum cleaner warning label instructs the moron that purchased it to not pick up anything with the vacuum cleaner that is burning.  The frightening thought: if they have to mention it on the tag, someone must have tried it. 
      Boot's Children's Cough Medicine states; Do not drive a car or run machinery.  You've got a bigger problem than sick kids if your children 12 and under are joy riding in cars and running machinery. 

      A blow dryer tag comes with the warning instruction that says:  Do not use while sleeping. I don't know what kind of dreams they're having that requiring primping, but I must be getting the wrong end of the dream world.  And my all time favorite warning found on a chainsaw label; Do not attempt to stop chain with your hands or genitals!  Really?  I don't even have a comment on that label.

      What's any of this got to do with being a writer?  This is a stretch…someone wrote the warnings on product labels and I write novels.  I am the author of the Paranormal Romance, The Dream House Visions and Nightmares from Asylett Press  where you'll experience that the truth is more frightening than a nightmare.  In my second novel a secret of the past, revenge, murder, sexual tension, and a kick ass heroine, Action Thriller, Bolt Action from Champagne Books offers it all.

      Please feel free to visit me at my website  to read an excerpt from my books and learn a little bit about my life.  

Victoria Roder resides in central Wisconsin with her husband and houseful of pets. She has three grown sons. Her spare time is spent snowshoeing, roller-blading, camping and motorcycle riding.      


Xeranthemum said...

What a fun post! And it's true, Fact IS stranger than fiction ... it's what the fiction writer does with it that brings in a whole other level of fun.

Thanks for the smiles today. ;-)

Sherry Gloag said...

I agree fact is stranger than fiction. But on the subject of warning labels, my brother was allergic to bee stings and was given some tablets which offered the warning... "take one tablet 30 minutes before being stung" go figure!