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Wednesday, February 9, 2011


‘In the Zone’ is a phrase you will often hear writers use.  But what does that mean?  How do they achieve it?  And can they sustain it?

I can almost hear some readers shouting, “Of course! You only have to look at mega-successful writers to know they can sustain it.”

Okay, so let’s take a closer look at the first two questions.

What is ‘The Zone’?  

For writers it is the period when their writing flows.  A time when everything appertaining to their writing goes right, goes smoothly.  The plot unfolds in a way that enriches the story.  Even the most hardened plotter knows when to give the characters their head, or to follow their plot when it goes off at an unexpected tangent.  Something within convinces them that to ignore this new facet of the story would be detrimental.
For many writers, hitting ‘the zone’ is sporadic but for others it is almost the norm.  No, I am not implying there are authors out there who go through their writing careers without coming up against blocks and setbacks when their characters refuse to comply with the synopsis set out before writing a single word.  Every writer hits a black spot of their own at some time in their career. Most smash into it more often than they’d like! 

So what can a writer do to experience the flow of the zone more often? Almost, in fact, on demand.


Meditation is not the product of the flower-power hippy sixties era.  Meditation goes back for millennium and has been practiced in the Orient by billions of people over time.

It is far too complex a subject to cover in depth here, but meditation is a means of training the mind to focus.
It is used by the most powerful people in board rooms across the world and by the poorest in the deepest recesses of the countryside.  The goals they strive for may seem poles apart, but in reality both the powerful and the poor, when they meditate, are striving for focus and discipline over their own minds. They have learned not to become prisoners of their mind or their subconscious.

I am not talking about mind games here, but a conscious effort to train and discipline the mind to work towards your own benefit.

When a writer slips into The Zone, they are in effect, slipping into a form of meditation.  The place every writers yearns to be.  And can be.

There are so many different forms of meditation that even offering links with this blog is not the simple solution it may appear. [Simply put ‘meditation’ into Google and see what comes up.

Meditation is a powerful tool that can help writers find and maintain that wonderful place known as ‘The Zone’, not just when the muse co-operates, but whenever, you, the author, calls upon the power of meditation to help with your writing.

Meditation has become an integral and successful part of life for people from all walks of life, so why not writers?

Why not explore the benefits of a regular meditation program that will take up little of your time and increase the chances to enjoy experiencing ‘the zone’ more often while you write?

Acclaimed author of The Brat, Sherry Gloag, is enjoying the release of both her latest novel, Duty Calls, from Black Opal Books on February 11th, and her short novella, "The Wrong Target" which is part of the Cupid’s Gone Wild anthology and published by eTreasures early in February, both of which follow closely on the publication of her latest short story with LASR early this year.

When she is not writing Sherry Gloag enjoys reading, walking in the English countryside, gardening and craft work.

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Megan Johns said...

I wish you great success with both Duty Calls and the Wrong Target.
I agree that the melding of body and soul can have huge benefits to our well being

Sherry Gloag said...

Thanks Megan, for both your kind words and good wishes, but your support and friendship too.

liana laverentz said...

Thank you for the reminder...makes me want to slip right into the zone, myself. I tend to let myself get too distracted. I meditate best when walking in circles around the track at the Y.