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Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Unusual Gifts in 2010  
Nan D Arnold

Okay, yes, there were favorites like my dear hubby’s man ‘n cheese from scratch. And divinity fudge from my fab-u-lous crit pard and author,Cheryl Dale. Then there were the others. Items that filled you with awe and those that made you wonder and question and lament and sometimes fume.

Like: Just when I thought it was safe to go back into the guest closet, I spied the MYSTERY THING. One of those orphan Christmas gifts a relative (on my husband’s side) gave me. I’d tell you what it was, if I knew. It’s a shallow almost star shaped ceramic thing. An ashtray? Nobody in our family smokes. A candy dish. Too shallow. However, said giver is a dental hygienist and well aware of my sweet tooth. But then why did the giver also provide a platter of fudge brownies made with dark chocolate, my favorite? A puzzlement. Anyway, it will remain hidden until giver’s family visits and then will appear on our coffee table.

On the other hand, we had our first rental. I refer to our bird house. This is the first year (of five) a bird took a seasonal lease. An adorable hard working tufted titmouse. A lovely surprise gift watching her work her little buns off and hearing the peeps. Then, by cover of darkness I guess, poof. Gone.

Also, on the plus side, the house next door to ours (yikes) went into a short sale. But the new owners are such lovely, considerate, generous folk, we wonder how we did without them. He’s in advertising and we share a snarky sense of humor. Their two well behaved canines are a joy. Jake, the pseudo-Newfie (no, he’s some other breed but to me looks like a Newfoundland hound). Jake is big and black and the type that would jump in the water at a moment’s notice and pull me to safety. Given I hate water, that’s a plus.

Oh, and how about the contract for Merry Acres Widows Waltz. Woo hoo! Coming out in March 2011.

Okay, one final comment. Valentine’s. Another bottle of not- to-be-named-here hand lotion of a perfume fragrance I abhor. I mean, an observant person might feel three other full bottles of various varieties, perfume, bath scent, etc., languishing in the powderoom, guest bath, and my dresser a clue it’s not used much. But. Maybe I’ll regift it next year to the dental hygienist.

Nan D Arnold lives in Georgia with a retired husband (pray for her), three pesky cats and a hundred characters chattering away in her head.


Cheryl said...

Ummm, brownies!

Can't wait to get Merry Acres Widows Waltz next month!

Pat Dale said...

Hey, Nan. Like the sound of all the goodies. I always try to side with the positive things and let the negatives take care of themselves. Doesn't always work, but what the heck...
Anxious to read your upcoming Whimsical release. Sounds inviting. Good luck with it!
Pat Dale

Victoria Roder said...

My family has an outlet for strange gifts. We do a white elephant gift exchange and actually fight over the worst gifts, because they are too funny and we can't wait to stick someone else with it the next year!

Coffee Time Romance and More said...

Hello my lovely lady!

Thanks for sending the invitation!


Nan D Arnold said...

Thank you Cheryl, I love brownies,too!

Hey, Pat, sooo good to hear from sister WP author (Miss FEATURED author!) Check out for more on this talented author.

Victoria--fab idea for the white elephant sale. But...gotta keep it
a while should giver ask, you know?!Readers, did you know Victoria is a BESTSELLING author for Champagne Books?

Karenne--my webgodess, er mistress and cyber BFF. Thanks for popping in.

Best to you all

Diane Craver said...

Hi Nan,
I enjoyed your post. I've done the same thing and display certain gifts when the givers visit. So funny you do the same thing.

Glad you have wonderful neighbors. My hubby's retired too. LOL

Nan D Arnold said...

Hi, Diane, nice to have a comment from another WP author!

Anonymous said...

Grrrreat post. Just watched the Razzies - awards for worst movies. Beloved by all (or some, at least) in Hollywood. Am sure you find clever uses for your "worst" gifts. Looking forward to Merry Acres mystery!