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Wednesday, February 16, 2011


When I’m writing I don’t often have much time to read.   And what reading time I do have is limited to research books.  But when I turn in a book and have a few weeks of downtime, my first stop is the bookstore and library.  Armed with my TO BE READ list, I collect all the books I’ve been coveting and dive in.
Reading for me is a bit like filling the well.  I find myself relaxing as I crack open a book and settle back on the couch.  I let go of worries about plot, structure and characterization and just enjoy the story before me.  It’s a true gift to be swept away by a story and forget that I really should be cooking dinner or switching the latest load of laundry. 
Today I was online ordering books from the web and from my local library.  I never limit myself to any one genre or one author.  I read across the board and even search out that which might not only be fun but challenging. 
I’ve got a real mixed back on my TBR pile right now.   And no doubt by the end of the day, the list will be even longer.  Right now it includes:
The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest, Stieg Larsson
Moonlight Mile, Denise Lehane
The Lost Art of Listening, Michael Nichols
Ice Land, Betsy Tobin
The Wolves of Andover, Kathleen Kent
My heroine Eva Rayburn in SENSELESS is a big reader.  Her books are neatly almost reverently organized in her small room.  Books have been her companions for years and at times her salvation. 
So what have been some of the books you can’t bear to take off your keeper shelf?  I’m always looking for a book to dive into and would love to hear your suggestions.
Mary Burton captivates readers with stories of mystery, crime and relationships--destined to keep readers on the edge of their seats.  Her January 2010 book SENSELESS is a romantic suspense set in Virginia.  When she’s not writing her latest novel, she is most definitely in the kitchen cooking.

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