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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Guest Blog: Karlene Blakemore-Mowle

Romantic Suspense

What is it about romantic suspense that attracts a faithful fan base? As a reader of romantic suspense, myself, I think I was drawn to the thrill of going along for the ride with the characters—being thrown into a situation that was out of the ordinary. The tension of how two people—often strangers, acted under stress and how danger heightened normal responses. In a romantic suspense—there often isn't time for all the formalities of a traditional romance. Things happen fast, and that includes the attraction.
As a writer, I love that I can put my characters in positions where I know I'd never in a million years be able to handle myself! (I'm a real big girls blouse when it comes to camping—and the thought of outdoor toileting…forget it!) Thankfully not all my books contain camping, but the ones that do, I have to say my characters all handle the experience with far more endurance than I think I would!

Why do you love romantic suspense?

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joder said...

I love it because it gets you heart racing. Knowing they could die at any minute brings the couple closer together and makes all their interactions more intense.

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linda_rettstatt said...

The suspense element usually throws in a few more obstacles to the romance. I love to see the hero and heroine overcome those obstacles for the sake of their attraction. and I agree with the previous comment--keeps your heart racing.

E.A. West said...

I love that heart-pounding, "are they going to survive?" feeling to suspense. When you throw in heart-melting romance, it makes the story that much better. :)

Judy said...

It is like real life, there is always some suspense in all romances!! I love romance and suspense stories, so putting them together in one book makes it double good:)

Jean P said...

I love the element of the unknown, the two characters are usually thrown together in some situation and find themselves drawn to each other.

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Maria Zannini said...

It's definitely the danger. That and I know I can close the book and be safe. :grin:

Karlene Blakemore-Mowle said...

I think that's what I love about them too- the situation it puts two people in. Because they are more often than not- two strangers, I think its always fascinating how the chemistry works with the danger element added! Have a lovely Valentines day everyone!

Serena said...

I love the edge-of-your seat moments with the suspense thread and the sensual, head-over-heals feelings as the hero and heroine fall in love.


Joyce said...

I love romantic suspense because it is not just all gushy stuff. There is a mystery to be solved and more heft to the story. Also more background on the hero and heroine for you to root for them to be together.