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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Guest Blog: Karlene Blakemore-Mowle

Military Romances

For years I read romance, you know the kind—the happy ever after ones with the perfect, rich men and their equally perfect women, who end up bagging the multi gazillionaire and all their problems are solved. Now, there is nothing wrong with these romances—they do their job, but after a while I began to crave something…more. The genre that jumped up and bite me happened to be a military themed romance and after the first one, I wanted more! This was my kind of romance—strong, lead men—usually less than perfect, not millionaires—just hard working, disciplined military men who'd served their countries and put their lives on the line for all of us…what's not to love about a hero like that? The thing is, after a while, I ran out of books to read and that's when I decided to write my own! As you do! Eleven years , and a lot of rejects and moments where I almost gave up—I got the very first military themed romance I ever  wrote published!
Operation Summer Storm is the equivalent of an eldest child! It's the one you practice all the rules on and make all your mistakes with. It's also the one that means the most to you because of all the heartache it's caused you! (Unlike real children where as a mother I can't actually put a favourite label on!)
Operation Summer Storm is the story of Summer Sheldon who will do anything it takes to find her sister, and Tate Maddox, a US Marine—accused of a crime he didn't commit and leading a life as a mercenary while he tried to uncover the real person responsible for his ghost-like existence. Two more unlikely people to ever meet you wouldn't get, but when thrown into a situation beyond your control, comfort zones are a thing of the past!

What do you love about a military hero?

Watch the trailer for Operation Summer Storm

Thanks for having me here today! Good luck with the prize draw!!


Melissa McClone said...

Congrats on your book. I love military heroes because the men I know who serve are real heroes. They are responsible, committed and dedicated men. Not to mention hotties. So it's easy for me to fall for one in a romance book.

Kasey said...

I love military romances! That’s so great that you worked hard to get this one published. I know how you feel!:0) This one has a special meaning for you. You should check out Dahlia Rose’s books. She also writes about military romances.

Elie said...

I have never read a military romance (as my dad is the only one I am close with in the military) but I would have to say that a man in uniform has its appeal.


Virginia said...

They always seem to be strong heros, which works well for me!


Lisa Alexander Griffin said...

I love characters I can relate to. Not the rich and famous with money out the cahoo! I want flawed characters who struggle like everyday people.

Donna B said...

I absolutely LOVE military romances - where true heroes are made! And here's a Happy Valentine's Day wish to our military husband's and wives wherever they may be!

Margaret said...

Congratulations on your release! I love heroes who are ordinary men stepping up to extraordinary circumstances. Best of luck to you and happy Valentine's Day.

Jean P said...

Congrats on your release. I like the characters who are strong and dedicated in what they do.

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Sherry Gloag said...

Congratulations on your release. I enjoy military romances too.

Maria Zannini said...

I have a serious weakness for military heroes. I mean, serious.

It's what they stand for, it speaks to me on a primal level.

Karlene Blakemore-Mowle said...

I'm glad you all love Military romances and the men in them! You're right I think that's what makes the military hero so special- what he stands for and a willingness to sacrifice for the good of his country and people he loves. There's something very secure about that!Thanks for all your well wishes- Happy Valentines day!