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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Funniest Romantic Gesture Ever

By Emly Forrest

Years ago, during my daily commute to work, I listened to a morning radio show out of LA—The Mark and Brian Show. In the winter of 1993, they were hyping a new movie about to be released, Tombstone, starring Kurt Russell, Val Kilmer, Sam Elliott and a host of others. One morning in particular, they spent a lot of time gushing about how cool and sexy Kurt Russell was. They offered a hypothetical situation: What if a guy committed a felony and the punishment was to have sex with another guy. Any guy he wanted. Just once. Which guy would it be?

Both Mark and Brian agreed the only choice was Kurt Russell and went on to explain why. This went on all morning long, ad nauseum, about the brilliant and desirable Kurt Russell.

Apparently, at some point, Russell caught the broadcast. Flattered and with extraordinary style, he arranged for a dozen red roses to be sent to the radio hosts that morning.

How cool is THAT?

By the way, Mark and Brian are in their 25th year as morning radio hosts in LA. I wonder, does Kurt Russell continue to send gifts?

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Virginia said...

I don't listen to morning redio any more but I use to.


doxymom said...

Someone probably called him to tell him. It's nice that Kurt was such a good sport about it.

doxisrcool at

Mary said...

Kurt has always seemed to be a good guy. This says even more good things about him. I like a man who can do everything... adventure, love, comedy, singing and dancing.

Jean P said...

Sounds like Kurt was a good sport about it, there are probably a lot of men that wouldn't have handled it well.

skpetal at hotmail dot com

Emly Forrest said...

Oh, yeah, y'all. I love a man who can laugh at himself.

Joyce said...

It is nice to know that Kurt Russell doesn't take himself too seriously. It is nice that he took it in good stride and rewards the radio guys for the kind words.

Maria Zannini said...

That is so funny and Kurt Russell handled it so well.

Maria said...

Lol...what a funny story and how nice that Kurt treated it like what it was ...a tribute to him:)
I loved "Tombstone" and watch it every time it comes on TV.


Cindy L said...

Hi again Emly! I have to say that I love the cover for Irish Ice! Whew!


flchen1 said...

ROFL! Thanks for the story, Emly!

f dot chen at comcast dot net