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Saturday, February 12, 2011

First Kiss

FIRST KISS. Mmm…just the thought of it makes your thighs clench tight. He’s the one you’ll never forget. What if he was your first husband, the one who rocked your world, the one you’re still not over? In Sleeping with the Lights On, Sandra is confronted with him eighteen years later, and he’s looking better than ever in his black cowboy hat, dripping his Texas drawl all over her. This Las Vegas country crooner is up to something and she should beware, but she can’t resist that first kiss eighteen years later.

His fingers stilled, grasping my legs so the tips edged under the hem of my skirt. He brought his face so close I tasted his breath on my lips, sweet and wine soaked. I breathed in, intoxicated. “Carson what…”

He brushed his lips across mine lightly in a whisper “You, Sandra.”

I felt the words against my mouth more than I heard them. Our foreheads came together. The world beyond our touch had become so quiet I could hear the blood pulsing in my breast; could touch his warmth pressed against mine. My lips parted as the kiss became a gentle passion, inviting me to relish the moment of tempered desire, a brief taste, all the more covetous.

Do you have a first kiss, that’s not exactly a FIRST, but none the less memorable?

Brenda Whiteside

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Kasey said...

Well, I do have a story about a first kiss, and it was my first one, so I wanted to share.

Believe it or not, I actually ran into my first kisser. We were running from opposite sides of the school hallway and when we turned the corner our lips locked. IT HAPPENED! I remember being grossed out cause it was warm and wet and…yuck, this boy was a total stranger. And get this, shortly after, we started to date. Michael. He was my first real boyfriend. LOL. But it didn’t last long. Maybe a week or two. The average time for 12 year olds.

Diane Craver said...

Great excerpt!

My first kiss was given to a boy on the bus. My older sister went and told my mom what I did. LOL Otherwise,first memorable kisses with my first real boyfriend, Keith.

Maria Zannini said...

I don't know if it was the first, but definitely the weirdest. A guy visiting Chicago from California, started chatting with me on the beach. It was time for me to leave but before I did he kissed me goodbye-a vigorous goodbye. He was a total stranger and to this day it still freaks me out. lol

Kammie said...

I remember my first kiss was in my back yard by the swingset. I remember what he looks like, but sadly, I've forgotten his name. lol kammie2u @ ameritech dot net

Elie said...

While I don't have a first memory, there have been some good ones. The best ones are built up to or imagined for so long that when they really do happen, its like fireworks going off.

Anonymous said...

My first kiss was from a guy so gorgeous, even his driver's license photo was beautiful. But he kissed open mouth...and I wasn't impressed, rather I felt more like a single-dip Dairy Queen. Bleh! Note to self: never expect great kisses from someone whose DL photo is prettier than mine.

Cindy L said...

I wish I could remember my first kiss, but then maybe not! LOL...I may have forgotten for a reason! ;)


Brenda Whiteside said...

Hi all. Sorry I was at a meeting for a couple of hours. Can't miss a critique meeting!!
I love all these stories!! Kasey - that is the stuff movies are made of. Total stranger kisses are kind of freaky. Ahhhh...back yards and school bus kisses - those are sweet memories. And the build up to a kiss can really make it a doozie! Kimberley - ha - DL photo good looking is funny. Cindy - yes, maybe it's good you forgot.

Vanessa A. Johnson said...

I remember my first real kiss...the one on the wasn't from my first, the first boyfriend, Allen, kissed me on the side of the face when he gave me an chocolate rabbit for Easter. My first real kiss was from a guy named Earl O...not only did he get my first kiss...LOL

Brenda Whiteside said...

Why Vanessa! I would say Earl O really knew how to kiss. LOL

Vanessa A. Johnson said...

Hahahahaha, Brenda...yes he did :0