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Saturday, February 12, 2011

First Kiss-- Marrying Minda by Tanya Hanson

Excerpt: First Kiss

Setup: 1878 Nebraska

After raising three younger sisters, hatmaker Minda Becker travels to the Nebraska prairie to marry a wealthy farmer. Instead, she finds herself married to the wrong man –the dead bridegroom’s hottie younger brother Even though cowboy Brixton Haynes’ kisses melt her toes, he can’t wait to get back to the Texas cattle trails.

“Then I now pronounce you man and wife.”

There. It was done. She was married. Her husband bent down and touched her lips with his own. Gentle but somehow insistent, his mouth closed around hers, and his warmth settled all the way to the ends of her toes. At the deliciousness of it, she reached up to hold him close.

Yes indeed. He tasted like peppermint with a hint of cherry. Tobacco maybe. Oh, it wouldn’t take long at all to fall in love the whole rest of the way.

Brix stepped back from his bride, hating himself for liking the kiss.

But damn, she was a pretty thing. Likely untouched, too. Those sweet but tight lips made him think no man had kissed her before. For a split instant, he leaned down to brush his face over the top of her head, drinking in one last whiff of her warm, lilac scent. His poor brother had missed out on one hell of a wedding night.

So would he.

Something had stirred his heart deep inside during that kiss, and he didn’t much like the feeling. Not at all. Hadn’t felt it since the rancher’s daughter in West Texas had stomped on his love so hard he still felt the pain.

Brixton Haynes knew how dark a woman’s heart could be.

First in the Paradise Brides series
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~Tanya Hanson
2011 Nominee, Favorite Author CAPA awards


Kammie said...

I love western romances! It sounds good. kammie2u @ ameritech dot net

Cindy L said...

I guess she didn't marry the wrong man after all!


Maria Zannini said...

This one is right up my trail. I love stories about the frontier.

Tanya Hanson said...

Oh, thanks, Cindy. Of course it works out LOL. Thanks for posting.

Kammie, I too love stories in the old West. The cowboy code, strong women. The frontier.

Maria, I've loved frontier stories since I was little and read Laura Ingals Wilder.

oxoxoxox to you all!

flchen1 said...

This sounds terrific, and I agree, I've loved the old West since Little House on the Prairie :)

f dot chen at comcast dot net