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Sunday, February 13, 2011

And Then?

There is nothing like the thrill of falling in love. The first glance, the first touch, the first kiss…

In romance novels we want to feel that rush. Sometimes the attraction is instant (as in An Elemental Tail and Boyfriend in a Bottle), and sometimes it takes time to develop (How to Breathe Fire).

Either way we know the characters will get together and live happily ever after.
What happens next doesn’t often get written unless there’s an epilogue. Most of the time for novellas I don’t do an epilogue, the characters are together and have a chance of making it—and I like the idea that the reader can then imagine their idea of a perfect future.

I included an epilogue in How to Breathe Fire because while Matai and Camea’s story was done I had to resolve what happened to their home.

Do you love epilogues because they give a final glimpse of the story or skip them because you know the characters will be okay?

Shona Husk


doxymom said...

I like epilogues but I don't feel cheated if there isn't one.

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Miranda Grissom said...

I love epilogues. I do like the satisfaction they often give. Sucker for a HEA here.

heavy hedonist said...

Count me in on the side of Epilogues-- The epi of "The World According to Garp" is one of my favorite parts of the book.

I've written a massive epilogue for my own first novel, The Fall-- and Further Fall-- of Miriam Bronski, (unpublished at this time) that's a section in and of itself. While I'm sure I'll edit it down quite a bit, I feel it satisfies a need to know just a little more. i have that need often when reading a novel, and I am certain I'm not alone.

Cheers for going the extra mile for your readers, Shona!

Maria Zannini said...

I like epilogues--as long as they're short. Otherwise it diminishes the impact of the real ending.

Virginia said...

I love epilogues, it lets me know what happened to the characters. Unless there is going to be another book.


Vanessa A. Johnson said...

I too love epilogues...with them you get all loose ends tied up because when I read, I invite the characters into my life and I like knowing their fate and my mind is allowed to reconcile whatever HEA that will put these characters to rest.

desitheblonde said...

in shot that what tell the book and it great you need more of them in books

Maria said...

I love epilogues because they do give you final closure on what has been happening in the story- I also like epilogues in books in a series because sometimes the author can remind the reader of the open storyline arc that still has to be resolved.


Jean P said...

Love reading the epilogues, because it finishes the story for me and I am not left wondering and imagining.

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Shona Husk said...

Wow. That's really interesting. As writers we are so often told to not write an epi.
I know I always read them--particularly if they are wrapping up a series.

LuAnn said...

A lot of times, epilogues seem to be too redundant or add unnecessary extras to the story. But there are some that are important, although sometimes I wish they were more of a last chapter or two.

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Cindy L said...

I do like epilogues! It's always nice to know what happens down the road.



I love epilogues because they show you little bit of the future.


flchen1 said...

I love them--I like that extra confirmation that the HEA is going strong and any extra details that might give me a peek at a future story ;)

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