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Monday, January 3, 2011


FRENCH KISS, published by will appeal to those of  you interested in World War Two – a dark and  dangerous setting for the hero - spitfire pilot, Joe, and the heroine, French Resistance saboteur, Louisa. A fast-paced adventure, plotted to twist and turn, along with a turbulent emotional ride as these two are forced to face their demons to escape the clutches of not only the enemy but also their inner conflicts.

The research for this book absorbed me for many hours. Tears often sprang to my eyes at the moving accounts of the very brave people who fought against the occupation of France  and other parts of Europe. Nancy Wake was one of these brave souls, and it interested me that she was born in New Zealand (which is where I live). Nancy’s husband refused to reveal, under torture by the Gestapo, Nancy’s whereabouts and Nancy didn’t know he’d died protecting her until the war was over. He’s what I’d call a truly romantic hero.

I attribute my publishing success to several individuals’ support in my local branch of  New Zealand Romance Writers and to the encouragement of my husband and friends. And to the helpful (and even the not-so-helpful) comments received from contest judges. And, of course, to The Wild Rose Press with their editors’ guidance ad advice.

I appreciate the opportunity to be here at Long and Short Reviews. The worldwide web  gives authors and readers the opportunity to connect with each other so easily – it’s amazing. Please visit my website to browse the interviews, ask a question, or comment. I’d love to hear from you.

Cherie Le Clare 

          Once upon a time I dreamed of becoming a published author, and in 2008 the realization of this dream came true with my first signed contract.
      One of my favorite series of comics, when I was a teenager, was about the brave men and women of the French Resistance in World War Two. And the heroic female leader of these partisans inspired French Kiss.

      I am married, with two grown sons, and live in the coastal city of Nelson, New Zealand.

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LaVerne Clark said...

Its amazing to think of those brave acts people performed to help keep us all safe and free from dictatorship. I wonder if there would be as many selfless people these days? Nancy and her husband were incredible - and truth is often stranger than fiction!