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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Jingle Bell Blog Fest: Jennifer Leeland

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You're busy, aren't you?

My husband (I call him "The Redneck") and I call it the downward slide into the holidays.  It starts around Halloween and careens into Thanksgiving and Christmas like a six year old tears into Christmas presents.
But there's a few moments before I drop off to sleep that I can do my absolutely favorite thing.

Whether it's the butter soft feel of a paperback novel or the smooth silky surface of my Sony Reader, I can settle in for a little escape into another world.  And around this time of year?  I need it.  For  a little while, I can experience the strong emotions of Joey W. Hill's vampires or delve into Robin Rotham's science fiction yummy goodness.  I can travel in Mima's beautiful and dangerous landscapes, shifting with her characters in their struggles. As the night wanes, I can fall in love with Fae Sutherland's heroes or follow Crystal Jordan's heroines through their harrowing trials.  Kate Pearce takes me back into historical England and Christine D'Abo sends me spinning in the stars.  A whole lifetime in an hour.

The best thing about being a writer is that I have access to so many good books, not just the ones the stores have on their shelves.  Because I started to write, I got a glimpse of Jeanne Lin's Butterfly Swords before the buzz for it began.  I, and many others on Romance Divas, instantly recognized the genius, the talent that pours from Jeanne's writing.  How cool is that?

So, this year, when you're running around trying to find the perfect gift, remember the gift of reading.  Sure, not everyone is into books, but everyone is into escaping every once and a while.  You can give them the key to the door that leads to another world.

Here's my latest offering.

Bound Among the Stars
by Jennifer Leeland and Mima
In the future, a man’s name is still the key to freedom and a beast can still be set free by love.
Some things never change. Fairy tales reach forward into the stars with this duo of heroes trapped in desperate circumstances. Incredible sex isn’t a magical answer, and there aren’t any magic wands. It’s up to a brave princess and a sweet baker to discover happy endings must be earned.
“Commanded to Mate” by Jennifer Leeland
The proud lovely colonist is bound to marry an alien beast.
Terrified Sierra Pasquel agrees to an arranged marriage to the monstrous Dormrelian ambassador. To save her family and her colony, she’ll do whatever it takes, including a four-eyed, four-armed beast of an alien.

Terek Majii is the holder of a centuries-old secret cursing his race. His people are on the edge of extinction and Sierra holds the key. As he teaches her about passion through touch, not sight, he prays he’ll be able to win her trust. Not because two colonies depend on them, but because his love for her is everything.
“Bitter Gold” by Mima
An innocent woman is bound to an alien slave.
Stillskin lives for the day he can rid himself of the slave clamp around his heart and leave this den of powerful addicts. Then his foul masters drag Liese to the enclave. The kind baker is the one spot of pleasure in his life, and he will risk much to help her.

He is the most exotic thing she’s ever seen, dark and stoic. If only there was a way she could help free him. When she is kidnapped and taken to the disgusting enclave, she believes it means her death. But Stillskin convinces her to fight back. Now two friends are trapped in a dire race for freedom.

Happy Holidays!


Once upon a time, there was a little girl…
I loved Harlequin romances when I was little and used to sneak them from my mother’s bookshelf. But my father influenced me with Agatha Christie, Ngiao Marsh and Arthur Conan Doyle. I always loved to write but never thought about becoming an author.
In 2003, a profound experience changed that. My mother showed me a manuscript written by my father. No one had ever seen it. No agent. No editor. No one. He died in 2002 never realizing his dream to be a published author.
I wondered if that would be my fate? Would my family come across my attempts at story telling and shake their heads in pity? I vowed that I would at least try.
It has been a fabulous journey creating new worlds and exploring new emotions. As you’ll find out, I have a special relationship with my characters, who both annoy me and inspire me.
I live with a Redneck, who loves to brainstorm with me on occasion, and my two dirt faced Okie kids in the Northern California Boonies. And I write all my love scenes with Thomas The Tank Engine in the background.

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Angela Kay Austin said...

Everyone does love to escape once in a while. I couldn't agree with you more, and reading is such a wonderful way to do it.

Jennifer Leeland said...

It's my favorite way Angela.

Jeannie Lin said...

Fairy tales in space, how cool is that?

Thanks for the mention too. :) I've discovered many a new author at Romance Divas.