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Friday, December 17, 2010


If Only…


Celia Cooper

If Only. It’s a phrase I know too well. It’s said you can’t change your past, and I suppose that’s the truth, but if the idea were set in concrete, many writers would be out of a job.

A lifetime of adventure has given me myriad experiences from which to pull background but sometimes a wistful sense of loss overwhelms. As the child of a military man moving was de rigueur in our lives. Every six months to a year, we would pick up our household and move across the country. Were it not for reading and free libraries, I might’ve gotten lost in the shuffle. Libraries were a beacon of solidarity and familiarity in my life. I knew when I picked up an Agatha Christie novel my brain would be tested and I’d be rewarded with a marvelous story.

The other life savior in my nomadic life was my mother’s love for musicals and happy endings. Heaven only knows how many times the two of us would sit on the couch with tissues in hand, in front of the television, watching the heroine come through adversity shining brighter than the sun and marrying the handsome millionaire. This was, of course, the 50’s and 60’s and the world was a different, happier place. The stage was set for me to write in the romance genre.

When my passion for writing became a reality, I dove head first into the romance writing pool. Where else could I indulge my desire to control the destinies of others and make sure there was a happily ever after? I wrote about what I knew—romance from the prospective of an older woman. I was surprised to find a growing market. With the boomer generation becoming the ‘over 30’s’ [note all the wrinkled noses here] they swore they wouldn’t, many readers could identify with heroines who were self-sufficient, handy with tools and capable of fixing their own cars.

With each book I wrote, the recollection of if only haunted me. Finally, I sat down and wrote the story which had been rumbling around in my brain for nearly thirty years.

What would happen if an older woman got her wish to return to the town where she fell head-over-heels in love and faced the chance of running into him again?

The story takes all the if onlys of a lifetime and puts them into the pages of a book which starts in Portland, Oregon, and transports two best friends to Tampa, Florida. Their journey begins with adversity and takes each woman through her own growth revelation. The heroine finds while some things may feel like coming home, the world has changed and moved on without her. The sun still shines brightly on Tampa Bay and the crystal clear water is still bathtub warm but friends have grown up and become parents and grandparents. Even an ominous foretelling in a New Age shop can’t prepare her for the roller coaster ride she’s about to take. Her wounded heart will be tested and healed before the adventure comes to an end.

As with all the books and movies I watched growing up, there is a happily ever after.

Celia Cooper is a gypsy who has been writing all of her life and creating novels for the last dozen years. She is currently residing in the Northwest  near children and grandchildren and continuing to pursue her passion of trying to write the best novel she can.

Old Enough to Know Better was the start of my writing life. It followed the path of a woman determined to start a new life of her own without a man. A determined younger man finds her independence to be intriguing and… sexy. He’s made up his mind to get to know this spunky lady and make her part of his life. As you would expect, sparks fly.

Sun in Sagittarius, Moon in Mazatlan is the sequel to Old Enough to Know Better following the path of the town sheriff as he tracks a fugitive from West Virginia to Mazatlan,  Mexico. Along the way he crosses paths with a Harley riding, adrenalin junkie of a newspaper reporter – all six-feet, flaming red hair of her. She is determined to get the story and the sheriff is determined to win her heart.

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marybelle said...

My life is full of 'If Only's'. They made me who I am though. Strong & Independent.

Cate Masters said...

I've sometimes wondered, but regret has no place in my life. Only moving forward. Love the story premise.

Ingeborg said...

Merry Christmas

Cathy M said...

Moving forward is the only way to go, though I love reading about "what if", in romance stories.

Christine H said...

I always wonder and have a lot of regret and wish I could go back and do it again. And my life isn't bad, it's just It could have been even better!! I hate that our lives are so short and when you realize how fast the years are going by you want to slow them down, all I wanted to do as a kid was speed them up!!

~ Christine

Sherry Gloag said...

Yes, I have regrets, but for the main part I've tried to let them go.

Best wishes for your holidays.