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Monday, October 4, 2010


“The light’s changed,” I said this week. It hits me once a year like clockwork.

What crazy mess is she talking about?

The light, outside -- has changed. My side of the world has shifted away from the sun and it is crisper, cleaner, clearer outside. The hummingbirds are having smack downs at the feeders. It’s time to rip up the Zinnia around the front walk and mow down the flowers left behind, shooting the purpley, yellowy, hot pinkish confetti all over the yard like some sadistic garden party. The bees get ornery and we dodge them more. The cats run around the house like a herd of thundering wildebeest. Down here in the south, we have writing spiders that show up around August and flaunt their wares… I have yet to see a good variety of “Some Pig” but I have high hopes I’ll see some good literary work from them one day.

Fall festivals begin at schools and the kids seem to get spunkier. The fair comes (along with fair food.) The coolness of the evening makes coffee taste better. I can wear jeans and a long sleeve t-shirt. I don’t shed a tear when the kids want to go outside and play. It’s just the simplest of things, yet somehow, it resonates with me more than spring or winter.

To me, autumn is a rebirth. Here, it’s so hot and humid all summer, I feel like I’m holding my breath until fall when I can exhale. The wind will blow cool and I’ll roll down my car windows and listen to my cd’s loud - yes, I’m still a teen at heart - and feel the music. Around me, the rain returns and the leaves sigh in relief as the drops fall. They celebrate by showing us their true colors. The nights will be packed full of stars I seem to forget over summer. I wake up from my hibernation, alert and ready to roll.

It’s my most creative time. I will hemorrhage words – in fear I’ll lose them somewhere in translation from my brain to my hand. The coffee flows and the words flow while the world around me alters and settles down for a long winter’s nap.

The result will be in my pages. The birth of a new story with new characters and situations they must endure. Both my works I’ve completed have been in or around this time of year. I definitely see the rest of my work based in or around this time frame. I wake up during that time, why wouldn’t I write about it.

Case in point, my novel DEVIL IN A RED KILT, bases the time around Halloween. It was just natural. When the couple, Evan and Evie MacDonald, faces their fate through the span of hundreds of years, they find out what their love is made of, all because their light’s changed.

Thanks to Long and Short Reviews for allowing me to babble on their blog. I do appreciate it.

Hope everyone has a great fall where you are. It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

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opportunity to write music reviews for an online magazine, since music
had always been a large part of her life. Still not sated, she dabbled
in short stories over bedtime with her daughter.

In spring of 2008, she received the push she needed to make her
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friend, she was reminded of her love for writing and when she
mentioned how she used to write, she was told very profoundly, "You're
still a writer ... write!" After the epiphany, Elysabeth sat down,
wrote her first novel, and has been writing since.


Goddess said...

Beautiful post. Makes me wish we had a fall.

Cheeky Wench said...

I'm sorry you don't have one! I wish I could find a place that was always fall. lol

Thanks for reading :D