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Wednesday, August 11, 2010


10 things most people don't know about me

1. I have a masters degree in professional counseling. I was almost 40 when I finished, so it's never too late!

2. I used to ride a Harley, but sold it to have more time to write. My husband loves to ride and always wanted to stay out all day. When I'd tell him that I was ready to return home, he'd take the longest, most scenic route. I finally decided that something had to go in order to free up time to write. He still has his bike, but I don’t miss mine at all.

3. I own two hairless Chinese Crested dogs. Zippy and Ponchee are the strangest, but sweetest pets I've ever owned. I'm just crazy about them!

4. I judge close to a dozen writing contests a year. It's my way of giving something back to the writing community. Writing contests are near and dear to my own heart because finaling in the Duel on the Delta was such an encouraging experience for me.

5. My favorite vacation is a beach trip. We live in the mountains and always look forward to going to the beach once or twice a year. As wonderful as that experience may be, I'm always glad to return to the mountains when vacation ends. There's no place like home.

6.One of my favorite hobbies is antique shopping. My husband loves antiques and it's something we can do together. You never know what treasure you'll find.

7. I'm an ebook junkie. After learning how to download the Kindle to my netbook and the app to read E to my Blackberry, I was hooked. I now read only E.

8. I love sour foods...dill pickles, lemons, sour candy, etc.

9. I'm not a social butterfly. I'm shy in large groups, but love meeting new people. Once I warm up to someone, I can carry on a conversation with the best of them. Some may say too much so!

10. I'm an animal lover, but think I'm becoming allergic to cats. We visited friends over the weekend who have them and I itched all the way home.

K. Dawn Byrd is an author of inspirational romance. Queen of Hearts, a WWII romantic suspense, released in April and was Desert Breeze Publishing's bestselling novel for the month. Killing Time, a contemporary romantic suspense released August 1, also with Desert Breeze Publishing.

K. Dawn Byrd is an avid blogger and gives away several books per week on her blog at, most of which are signed by the authors. She's also the moderator of the popular facebook group, Christian Fiction Gathering (!/group.php?gid=128209963444)

When not reading or writing, K. Dawn Byrd enjoys spending time with her husband of 14 years, walking their dogs beside a gorgeous lake near her home, and plotting the next story waiting to be told.

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