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Monday, July 26, 2010


My first Regency-set novel, Margaret's Rematch, was released this March and while I was as excited as a puppy when it came out, I was not a little depressed by the concept of self-promotion. But as I was thinking of ways in which I could promote my future books, I had an idea for a big promo party - a Virtual Regency Party - and today I would like to blog about it. I think it can be a good promo opportunity for many authors as well as a way to get to know each other and have fun.

So what exactly is a Virtual Regency Party? First of all, it is a party for the characters – not the authors. My idea is that each author is to be represented by one/two character(s). The characters can be from the new or upcoming book or any other book of the author's choosing, as long as the characters are original and belong to the author.

The Virtual Regency Party is going to take place in a virtual manor house belonging to one of my characters. There I want to have a number of salons (each author whose characters participate can contribute ideas for the salons) with different hosts and hostesses who will help to run things along. Salons can be dedicated to different Regency-related things: fashion, music, books, politics, gossip, medicine, royal family, famous people, etc.. The characters can choose a salon they want to stick to or visit as many salons as they can, taking an active part in whatever is going on there.

A week before the Party each character has to make a short introduction; other characters can stop by to say hi or leave any relevant comments. The authors can supply their characters' introductions with pictures. Important: below the introduction each author is required to post the name, the title of the book(s) the characters are from, the authors' website/blog, publishing house/where to buy the book link.

This is the first draft of my Virtual Regency Party project and I'd like to know what you think. Does this idea have merit? Would you and your characters like to take part in it? Do you have any suggestions? I'd like to have as many authors as I can get. Readers are also encouraged to come. They can either follow the party as readers or come up with a character and participate as well.

So, if you are interested in participating in a Virtual Regency Party, leave your comment here or drop me a line at with Virtual Regency Party in the subject line. Thank you!

Farida Mestek

Romantic stories set against the backdrop of Regency EnglandFarida Mestek lives in Ukraine, but she adores Regency England, where she spends a great deal of her time. She fell in love with it the moment she saw one of the film productions on TV when she was a child, and her love grew with every Jane Austen book that she read time and time again. Having been writing all her life, she decided to write Regency-set stories herself. Her dream is to build a Regency village, the aim of which would be to provide Regency-lovers from around the world with a veritable Regency lifestyle experience.

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