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Monday, May 17, 2010


My daughter just told me I play God every time I write a book.
I create the characters and control every aspect of their lives. I decide if they live or die, fall in love, are happy or sad, etc.

She went on to muse, are we just characters in someone’s book? And if so, why aren’t we in Harry Potter’s much more exciting world? Or Captain Kirk’s Star Trek world? She thinks that would be much cooler than living in contemporary middle-class America without dragons, shifting staircases, nearly headless ghosts, or magic.

Then she said that my books are more like a different dimension than another world, that my stories are set in similar normal worlds.

She’s right about my Elaine Hopper sweet romances. “Always A Bridesmaid” is set in a very normal, contemporary world just up the road in small town Florida. My upcoming paranormal contemporary romance is slightly less normal. The heroine’s deceased husband won’t leave her alone. He talks to her more from his afterlife than he did when he was alive. I don’t know of anyone in real life that talks to ghosts.

That brings up the question, what’s normal?

Normal for me is middle-class Florida. Perpetually warm weather. Subtropical paradise. Middle-class neighborhoods and struggles. Full-time day job as a customer service professional, husband, kids, pets.

My normal is much different than someone who lives in New York City, London, Tokyo, or Africa. It’s far different from someone who lives in a mansion with servants and jets around the world on a whim, or who lives in a steel shack in one of the poorest slums in the world. It’s different than someone who works as a war correspondent, active duty soldier in a war zone, or an emergency room doctor.

My alter ego writes many other-worldly stories. One comes out this week in fact, on May 17th. It features a vampire clan who traveled back in time to the 14th century from the 23rd century. Another book featured a heroine and her cat that fell into a cartoon world with dragons and talking cats. Yet others feature aliens, witches, ghosts, demons, and shifters.

I’m the goddess of all those worlds. Is it possible the characters have real feelings, that my characters live beyond the pages of my stories? Is it possible that we are characters in a book?

My daughter and I aren’t the first to wonder. A recent movie was based on that theme. Still, it’s an interesting concept.

I never dared compare myself to a god. I prefer “storyteller” or “dream weaver”. Yet, we do play god with our characters. I’ve not only brought them to life, but I’ve murdered a few. I’ve even brought a few back to life. If that’s not at least magic, what is it?

“Always A Bridesmaid” is my most recently released sweet romance. It’s set in small town America and is a reunion story.

Here’s a bit about it.

Always A Bridesmaid (sweet romance) ~ released March 24, 2010 at The Wild Rose Press

Hell has finally frozen over. After nine long years, Breanna Parker has come home to be her sister's maid of honor. Just her luck that the first person she runs into is her ex-fiance, Troy Youngwolf—the man who eloped with her ex-best friend and broke her heart. Now a widowed father and sheriff of their Florida home town, sexy bad boy Troy wants another chance and won't take no for an answer. However, every time Breanna looks at Troy or his little girl, her heart breaks anew. She can hardly wait for her sister to get hitched so she can escape back to her urban family in Ft. Lauderdale. The risk is too high that Troy may discover her most closely held secret, one with the potential to destroy them both…perhaps this time forever.

“Always A Bridesmaid” is available at:

“So You Want To Marry Our Mom”, my paranormal romance will release at Amber Quill Press the week of July 4, 2010.

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