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Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Unleash your Inner-Goddess
Kristy Denice Bock

Why settle as a princess when you could be a Goddess and rule the universe? Even as a child I had illusions of grandeur that refused to be stomped out simply because my age advanced past my shoe size. I didn’t even stop with one Goddess; I went on to create six. (I actually had eight, but there was a catastrophic war… that’s a tale for another day.)

Every woman deserves to unleash her inner-goddess as often as she can. When I wrote Divine Touch, the only thing I knew for certain was that there would be no male Gods, and that the Goddesses would wreck havoc on their children’s lives. I looked around at the strong, adventurous women in my life and fashioned my Goddesses after them. I took their best features and created six super-women who can do anything, while still managing to retain the ability to act human.

There has been so many times in my life where I felt that someone up above had given me more than I could handle, or meddled when I’d much rather have been left alone. I’ve sworn Fate was out to get me, and Destiny hated my guts. After I got past the initial paranoia, I began creating a race of superior beings with more flaws than the average human.

I wanted strong empowered women with hearts the size of Montana, with quirks and insecurities to match. What would you do, if you had omnipotent powers? Would you create live and balance it? Would you destroy something that has already been created? Keeping the balance is a strong current all throughout the book. Divine Touch is about the daughter of Noxia, the Goddess of Balance. I’ve left an excerpt that shows just how much the Goddesses are willing to fight on behalf of their human children.

In keeping with my inner-Goddess, I have a Blog Talk Radio show that airs every Wednesday evening at 9pm est. The show is called Literary Goddess. I hope you’ll call in and let me know what you thought of Divine Touch and to talk about a Goddess in your life.

----------Beginning of Excerpt
Meet the Goddess’s Excerpt from Divine Touch by Kristy Denice Bock

“I tell you it is unacceptable. An Earth bound child of a God or Goddess must face the trials with nothing more than what they have gained in their mortal life,” the Goddess Edereu raged at the convening council. Noxia had to smile at the unprovoked triumph of yet another jab at Edereu.

“Are you suggesting that the Goddess Noxia has given Kate an unfair advantage?” the aged Priest asked. Noxia attempted to show the proper amount of outrage at the question.


“She is in the same dwelling as Noxia's personal assassin, the leader of the Were people, and a few others with ties to our world. I hardly call it fair to those who have had to face the trials with nothing but their mortal friends and family,” said The Goddess Edereu.

“The question remains unanswered. Do you feel that The Goddess Noxia has given Kate an unfair advantage?”

“Of course I believe she has given Kate an unfair advantage. Her assassin was awoken on the same day of her unveiling? Noxia arranged this and it is an outrage!” said The Goddess Edereu. Noxia caught the glare Edereu sent in her direction.

“Perhaps I can clear up this issue” A voice rang out from the back of the room. Noxia smiled.

“The council recognizes the Goddess Tatiana. Please clarify,” said the priest.

“As the Goddess of Earth's elements, it is only natural that a mortal soul would ask my advice in finding a treasure buried beneath the ground. It was asked in a way that I chose not to refuse. The remains of the assassin were unearthed,” the Goddess Tatiana explained.


Noxia watched as shock and disbelief spread across the fine features of Edereu's pinched face.

“The council would like a further point of clarification if you please. Did The Goddess Noxia have anything to do with the timing of when you allowed the remains to be found?” asked the Priest.

“No, if I recall…” Noxia had to smile as Tatiana paused in what could only be described as dramatic tension build. “If I recall the person I discussed the unearthing of the bones with was The Goddess Edereu. As she is the Goddess of Death and Judgment, I didn't want to offend her by taking a soul from her realm.” A collective gasp went around the room and Noxia knew then she had won half the battle she prepared for.

“Goddess Edereu, do you dispute the words of Goddess Tatiana?” the priest asked.

“I was not aware then, that the person who asked for the location of the remains, was the former husband of Noxia's daughter,” Edereu said.

“The council will recognize that The Goddess Edereu did not dispute the words of the Goddess Tatiana,” said the priest.

“Do you have any further cause for the claim made against the Goddess Noxia?” the Priest asked.

“No, I stand by my conviction that the Goddess Noxia has arranged all of this, so that her daughter will have a distinct advantage over these trials.” Noxia suppressed the urge to smirk at Edereu.

“Goddess Noxia, do you have any words to add to this discussion?” Noxia rose as all the eyes of the room fell upon her.

“If it would please the council,” Noxia said.

“The council recognizes The Goddess Noxia,” said the Priest.

“I'm deeply offended at the allegations that I would set out to break one of the fundamental laws that I wrote. I found both my daughter and my assassin trapped on a magical plane inaccessible to any earthbound creature. An attempt was made against both of their lives. I can't help but draw a connection between what transpired and what has been brought to the council's attention today. I feel that because of our antagonistic relationship, The Goddess Edereu, is attempting to ensure that Kate fails the trials,” said Noxia.

“The council will take your words under advisement, Goddess Noxia,” the Priest said
“Thank you,” she replied.

-------- End of Excerpt

It is my wish for you today that you’ll let your Inner-Goddess come out and play. The world is your oyster and you were born with the natural ability to shine.

Kristy Denice Bock

BIO: In the summer months of 1979…. Hahaha yeah so not getting into all that! I’m defined by the hats I wear. At the moment I’m wearing my promotion hat, it’s ill-fitting and like a pair of good shoes, it needs broken in. At any given moment I can have my mom hat on… I’m the sole parent of four insane children with marginal self-control ability, and the owner of one rat named Templeton, two fish named Thing one and Thing two, another fish named Red Fish (even though he’s silver) and Blue Fish… he’s actually blue! We seem to collect rodents in this house, I’m not sure why… we had a Ralph S. Mouse, but sadly he went in search of that big cheese in the sky. Stuart Little ate through his cage and joined his woodland friends in the fields of North Carolina! At any given time I can be found at home, connected to two computers, one to write and one to work.

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Highland Lassie said...

Excellent post Kristy! We all have an inner GODDESS, some just shine more than others!!! Divine touch sounds like and awesome book!! Best of luck!

Andrea :O)