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Wednesday, May 5, 2010



For newbie writers wanting to jump in the literary fray, and have it tough trying to make their characters ‘come alive’ on the page, here’s three tips I use for making characters JUMP OFF that page and wave at you!

1. Develop your characters looks. Being creative as I know you are, you might have a vision already. If not, use the people you see around you, even actors. Heck, do a little gene-splicing of their looks in your mind’s eye. If you can draw, draw them. Their personalities and quirks will quickly come you while you’re working on that, so write down whatever comes to your mind concerning them.

2. Use ‘everyday dialogue’. Listen to conversations in the streets, especially restaurants. (I find the most amusing dialogue there!) Don’t try so hard to be perfect with grammar. (I’m NOT saying get careless with your manuscript!) Most folks never speak proper English; neither will your characters. The more realistic the dialogue, the more realistic your character becomes!

3. Keep a notebook handy at ALL TIMES. Our brains like to fire off little farts from time to time, and heaven forbid you don’t have something to write with! You could get inspired by something or someone at ANY given moment, and you’ll scream if you don’t have that notebook. Keep a book by your bedside, too. The muse likes to hit us over the head at odd hours of the night, and trust me, you won’t remember it by morning!

Author Bio: Author of "The ABRAXAS Series", Ms. Santiago is a digital artist, still-photographer, and Editor/Publisher of Dark Gothic Resurrected Magazine (a 2nd place finalist in the Preditors & Editors Readers Poll for 2008). She also received the Author's Site of Excellence Award in December 2007 from P&E, and is a Cover Artist for Damnation Books. She lives with her husband and two crazy rat terriers, Hades and Chaos.

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Anonymous said...

Lol, I see why your characters feel so real to me. I LOVE your series, especially "jonathan"!