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Monday, March 29, 2010


This guest blog is part of Elizabeth Chadwick's Virtual Book Tour. In addition to being entered into the LASR weekly contest, commenters on this guest blog will also be eligible to win one of two copies of The Scarlet Lion.

10 things most people don’t know about me

1. I own a Tudor chair that has been passed down through the family.

2. I hate rum

3. I play darts for a mixed team at a traditional pub in central Nottingham.

4.. When I was eleven, I had a broad Scottish accent (which I have since lost)

5. I married a man who is related to a famous British Rock N Roll star from the 1960’s

6. I adore guinea pigs but I am allergic to them

7. I like to make cross stitch bookmarks in my spare time.

8. I have had a personal guided tour of the Houses of Parliament and the House of Lords and I’ve seen all the secret bits that aren’t on the tourist trail.

9. I love rock music in all its formats but I’m particularly fond of metal. My favourite band at the moment is Seether.

10. I love walking in the rain as long as I’m dressed for it.


A page-turning novel of honor, intrigue, treachery, and love, continuing the story of England's greatest knight of the Middle Ages, William Marshal. Bestselling author Elizabeth Chadwick, "an author who makes historical fiction come gloriously alive" (The Times of London), is known as a writer of uncommon historical integrity and accuracy.

By 1197 William Marshal's prowess with a sword and loyalty with his heart have been rewarded by the hand in marriage of Isabelle de Clare—heiress to great estates— and their brood is growing. But their contentment and security is shattered when King Richard dies. Forced down a precarious path by the royal injustices of the vindictive King John, the Marshals teeter on a razor-thin line of honor that threatens to tear apart the very heart of their family.


Elizabeth Chadwick (UK) is the author of 17 historical novels, including The Greatest Knight, Lords of the White Castle, Shadows and Strongholds, A Place Beyond Courage, The Winter Mantle, and The Falcons of Montabard, four of which have been shortlisted for the Romantic Novelists’ Awards. She won a Betty Trask Award for The Wild Hunt, her first novel. For more information please visit, and follower her on Twitter!

1 comment:

LeslieJane said...

Love your facts. Even though I am American, Dad was stationed to Scotland when I was a teenager. My Favourite place I have lived. Must admit, it took me a while to understand some of the broader accents. By the end of the duty tour, I was pretty much able to understand my piping teacher. Mom never could.

Also love that you do cross stitch. I haven't done much in the way of bookmarks (on my to-be-done list), but have done a lot of other projects. I tend to give away a lot as presents. Have some pictures of some items posted on KYKS yahoo group.

Now, to go out and get a couple of your books, or at least add them to my TBR mountain.

Leslie Jane