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Monday, March 8, 2010


Angel’s Share The second book in the Fadό Trilogy

My first novel, Butterfly, has been available now for seven months. It has been a wild ride, with ups, downs, twists and turns that leave my head spinning. It has also been gratifying, fun and a dream come true to have my book on bookstore shelves and in the hands of readers in America, the UK, Ireland and Australia. I even have a copy in the Barraba, New South Wales, Public Library. Fancy that!

Now, the second book in my trilogy, Angel’s Share, will be out any day. This book taught me some serious lessons about creating a series and writing in the genre of romantic suspense.

First, the fact that Angel’s Share even exists is primarily due to my inability to say a final goodbye to the characters in Butterfly. I loved hanging around O’Fallon’s Pub in Boston, listening to Irish music, having a pint with Flannery, laughing at her stories and Jamie’s lame Bodhrán player jokes.

As my novel developed, so did the idea of the Fadό Trilogy. Pretty simple, right? Three siblings…Flannery, Kerry and Tynan Sloane…three books. Unfortunately, the reality was far more complex.

As I began to write my story of Kerry Sloane and Aidan Kennedy, the characters told a very different type of tale. Butterfly is a primarily a romantic comedy. Angel’s Share is darker, more serious and, get the tissues ready because the tears might flow.

The story had to stand by itself, be understandable and enjoyable to anyone who might pick it up and not just fans of Butterfly. It had to keep the kind of tension and pace romantic suspense readers expect and still give them a tender love story.

Each book in my trilogy will introduce new characters while involving the main characters from each previous book. This is where I found out why writers of series books use story boards, calendars, genealogies and copious notes.

I was in Ireland when the idea for Angel’s Share came to me. We had been in Donegal and drove east across Ulster and into the United Kingdom. Northern Ireland. It is a very peculiar feeling. All of a sudden, without crossing a visible border, you are in another country with pounds instead of Euros. All the signs are in English with none of the Irish language place names. The Union Jack is ubiquitous. It was not the first time I had been in this troubled and divided land. It is mostly quiet and peaceful now. But, when my hero, Aidan, was growing up in the streets of Belfast, it was a war zone.

Ireland is a land of complex history and without giving a long dissertation on the Troubles, as those most violent years are called, I will only say that Aidan Kennedy is a man in conflict, ensnared by his past, and haunted by the memory of the woman for whom he would give up everything except revenge.

We met Kerry Sloane in Butterfly as Flannery’s older, more serious and infinitely wiser, sister. What we do not find out in the first book is that Kerry has a past not even her sister is privy to. She covets a secret, a painful tragedy she keeps hidden deep in her heart.

I hope you all enjoy Angel’s Share as much as readers have loved Butterfly.

The third and last book in this series is my current “work in progress.” I call it Selkie’s Song. It features Tynan Sloane, Flannery’s big brother, and Murran Murphy, a political activist so busy saving Ireland from the Celtic Tiger she has no time for love. It takes the trilogy back to the west coast of Ireland, encompassing the mystery, lore, and romance of one of my favorite places on earth.

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Butterfly and Angel’s Share are available in paperback, Kindle and most e formats from online booksellers and from You can also ask for them at your local bookstore.

Clare Austin has been courting a love of literature since reading The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins in primary school. Now, inspired by a belief in a happy ending and a passion for lyrical prose, Clare spins her own tales of romance with a touch of humor and pathos.

Clare makes her home at the foot of the Colorado Rocky Mountains with her husband, their three horses and Maggie the Cairn terrier.

Butterfly, the first book in the Fadό Trilogy, available

Angel’s Share, the second book of the trilogy is currently under contract with The Wild Rose Press for release March 2010.

Hot Flash, release from The Wild Rose Press, July 2010

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Congratulations on your new release, Clare! It sounds wonderful. And the cover is just gorgeous.