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Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Thank you Judy, Marianne and LASR for letting me blog during such a special holiday.

Easter is an exceptional time for me. I’m not a religious person but I consider myself spiritual and that’s where my idea of celebrating Easter stems from. My family traditionally eats a delicious meal of ham, with asparagus and sweet potatoes, followed by an array of yummy desserts. With lunch beginning around one, we continue to graze until supper with fine conversation and perhaps a nap tucked in. After the kids, grandkids, girlfriends and boyfriends head home with their leftovers packed in to-go containers, my husband and I sit and appreciate the returned quiet. I usually read or write something and he watches football. Easter is the best time of year for those inspirational movies and my favorite, The Ten Commandments, is one that I try and watch. As a child, I remember seeing it in the theater the year it released and I fell in love with the dramatics of it.

I also love the Easter season because, to me, it lends a feeling of rebirth and rejuvenation. Most people celebrate Easter because of Christ, and I do too, but I feel that since Easter is the onset of Spring after the long Winter season, I find myself re-energized and ready to take on the rest of the year. Isn’t that a little of Christ’s message anyway? To be reborn into a new light? However you celebrate, I hope the holiday brings you peace and happiness.

That’s exactly where the ideas for my novels come from. I love stories that end happily ever after with a great element of romance. My characters overcome obstacles and become better people for their efforts. Eureka Springs is a novel demonstrating that premise. Ruth Seidle, a critically obstinate character in a previous novel, vows to turn her life around and become a better person. She attempts to change the way she lives in effort to make her future different from her past. John Vickers survives heartbreak and promises to move his life in a positive direction for his sake and the sake of his daughter.

Here’s the blurb:

With an excuse of managing inherited property, Ruth Seidle runs from her ruined reputation. She vows to begin a new life without married men, undisclosed lies or destroyed friendships. Who knew her choices include so much of her hidden past?

John Vickers buries a history of adultery the day he lays his unfaithful wife to rest and, with his infant daughter in tow, begins life in a better direction void of betrayal and deceit. Can he overlook the past to view the positive side of a bad situation and build a better future for his family?

When Ruth crashes into John’s life, can she gain faith in her own devices and be the person she promised?

Can John put previous experience aside and trust the best is possible even when his heart’s involved?

You can find this novel, along with all my work, at my website,, or and its affiliates. My novels are also available at several Nebraska stores. You can also request any of my titles at your favorite bookstores.

I grew up far from movie theaters or shopping malls and spent my time reading romance novels I bought with my babysitting money at the local grocery store. Most of the time, I enjoyed them yet sometimes the endings annoyed me and I’d think, “I would end that better.”

I never considered writing as more than a hobby until I finished my first novel, and third release, Travis Pass. Once Travis Pass was complete, new ideas kept coming and now I find myself looking at life as if it’s filled with millions of stories.

Whether writing historically, contemporarily, or humorously, my work centers on life in small towns and the amazing bonds people form with their neighbors.

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