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Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Seriously Not Funny

One thing I’ve come to accept being a writer, is the fact that a fair amount of self-awareness and personal growth stem from the actual writing process. I’ve discovered many things about myself, a few of them quite surprising. The most surprising is that of my writer’s ‘voice’.

For a new author, ‘voice’ is that mythical something which will make our work suddenly magical, and everyone will love it. The only problem is, we can’t seem to find it, and aren’t really sure where to look. The way people talk about it, voice is something you could pick up at the grocery store, or find in your handbag.

The reality is, an author’s voice is magical, because it’s inside each of us, as writers. It’s our uniqueness. The identity, if you will, of our writing that readers come to recognize. It’s derived from the choices we make about which words to use in our stories, how the story begins, and ends. What the subject matter is, and how we choose to share it, and connect with our readers. The way we develop it, is to write. And write some more. And so on.

If words are the heart of our stories, voice is the soul.

Coming around to my original point, as I’ve worked on my novels, others have commented on things which identify my ‘voice’. One of them seems to be the ability to make people feel what my characters feel, and sometimes they cry. ‘Why that’s great,’ you say.

Not if you started out wanting to be funny. I love humor. And truly admire those who write hilarious characters in crazy situations. Even if they are sometimes snarky, they make me smile. That’s what I wanted to give my readers, when I first started writing. Humor with a little snarky bite. No vampire pun intended since I write contemporary romance and romantic suspense, not paranormal.

This writer’s journey has been a revelation. I’m seriously not funny. Can’t write humor to save my life. Or make a living at it anyway. There are pages and pages to prove it. It’s just not me. My stories come out tender, touching, sensual, and action-packed. Just not funny. It’s been interesting, letting go of something I thought I could do. And doing instead, what feels right. And natural. Finding my ‘voice’. Writing stories with heart, and soul.

Sutton Fox writes part-time, and has an evil day job she’s angling to get rid of, in order to write full time. When not traveling for work, she happily whiles away her free time in Louisville, KY, with the love of her life and two cats. There are children in the picture, but they are all off creating their own lives, leaving a nice empty nest for Sutton to play in. Sutton’s Traveling Circus series, High Wire,Center Ring, and Lion Tamers, are published in ebook and print by Lyrical Press. You’re invited to follow her blog, and check out her website for more details.


Caroline Clemmons said...

Each of us has strong and weak points. Clever of your to go with your strengths.

Sutton Fox said...

Thank you, Caroline. To try to force the humor wouldn't work for today's savvy readers. Besides, I'm not sure I have much say in the matter. lol.

Thanks for stopping by.

robynl said...

those day jobs do get in the way don't they; I hope you can realize your dream to be a full time writer soon.

Sutton Fox said...

Great to hear from you, Robyn. I hope so too.

Piper Denna said...

Well, I never noticed a lack of humor in your books... but I do know for sure you're funny as heck. And a very kind, understanding person. And yes, your books definitely have the suspense, sensuality, and emotion factors!

Maya said...

Your great voice is the reason I love reading your books, Sutton. Funny is okay, but action-packed, tender and sensuall will get my vote every time :).