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Monday, February 15, 2010


My life and my writing

Like so many other African-Americans born in the seventies, I was bused from my urban neighborhood to attend school in neighborhoods that were different from mine in every way: economically, racially, and at times culturally. I didn’t know how to ‘fit in’. Don’t worry; I had friends, but not many. It’s weird how that also affected my life in my neighborhood. I didn’t get to hang out with the kids from my neighborhood between classes, in the lunchroom, or after school because we weren’t in the same place. So, I ended up in a blackhole. I didn’t fit in my school, and I didn’t fit in my neighborhood.

It’s kind of like going to work every day for years with the same people, and then you change jobs. How do those ‘work’ friendships fair? Well, it was the same for me.

So, books became my best friends. Back then, Reading is Fundamental was incredibly strong in schools. One day, I came across Judy Blume’s Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret. Could I have picked a more appropriate book? Aside from a crazy connection with Margaret, I connected with Judy Blume. I wanted to write!

Writing became my release, my escape.

The characters and stories I write are a mixture of both parts of me. I found early on through contest entries that everyone might not believe in my world, but I am extremely proud of the blended world created in Love’s Chance. The characters and story-line are a good mixture of things I’ve loved and hated about both worlds.

As I continue to grow as a person, and as a writer, I hope that I continue to craft stories from my world that are compelling and keep readers engaged.

Bio: I am an author of contemporary romance novels. My books feature strong African-American women whose love can not be bound by race, bank accounts, age, religion or gender.
Additionally, I write for, and My first novella, Love’s Chance, will be released in 2010 by Red Rose Publishing.

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