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Wednesday, January 6, 2010


A Romantic…Horror?

Someone asked me the other day what my favorite genre is to read. I told them I love horror and romance. But when they asked me to choose only one, I found it difficult to answer.

I’m a big fan of horror. I love Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Anne Rice, as well as a handful of others, including Whitley Strieber’s The Wolfen, one of the first books I’d ever read in that genre. It didn’t disappoint and I immediately fell in love with gruesome tales of paranormal murder and mayhem.

I also love romance, obviously. Jude Deveraux, M. Jean Pike, and Kimberly Adkins are some of my favorite authors. I find inspiration in their wonderful tales of love and paranormal.

The truth is I can’t choose horror over romance or romance over horror. It’s like having bacon without eggs, brushing your teeth without toothpaste, playing hopscotch without the rock, or possibly playing music without the volume. So realizing this, I decided to do what I really love and write a split genre about a vampire. I call it a horror love story.

Never to speak his last words, Death would never lay eyes on him.

Never to witness the color of life, he’d remain in darkness forever.

As immortal he shall always be alive.

As vampire he shall forever be dead.

And among the night, he will be in an everlasting embrace.

After I finished, I began to wonder if I’d overstepped the boundaries of what a publisher wants. My book is dark, dreary, and gory during the first few chapters. Then after it’s about Mr. Dark and Dreary turns to the woman he loves. Gore on the side, I found someone who likes it. I’m not the only one out there with the same cross-genre ideas. And thank God for that! *grin*

What is your favorite genre? And do you like mixing them?

Angela is a traveler, romantic, mother, and chauffeur. She finds enlightenment in the most unusual places and summons story ideas with just a simple word. She now resides in West Virginia with her husband and daughters. Her second novel, a paranormal entitled THE SEA'S EMBRACE was released 11.1.08. Her third Black Lyon release, ASSASSIN'S FALL, was released in June 2009.


sherry said...

This is a very interesting post. I love to read romance of any kind right now I'm on a big paranormal romance kick.

Phylis said...

I love the lines about the vampire.

stacey said...

I Love Paranormal Romance and Historcal Romance and time travel Books.But Paranormal is my Fav.And I'm Shur to love your book fit in with the Paranormal Romance area.

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