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Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Tis the Season to be…Kissed?

When I sat down to write my guest blog, I was at a loss as to what to write that would interest folks. Should I go with the standard writing piece, expounding on the wonderful techniques I use as a writer? Should I stick with tips on marketing, characterization, or promotional tools? Would it catch the reader’s eye if I did an interview with one or two of my characters? Blah. Blah. Blah! Nothing seemed to spark the creativity in me, then I took a long look at my Christmas tree all lit up with tiny, multicolored bulbs twinkling against the crystal hearts suspended by red velvet ribbons so slender and delicate they look as though they could barely hold anything to a tree limb. And then my eyes drifted upward and slightly to left and landed on the sprig of mistletoe hanging in the archway and it all came rushing to me. Tis the season to be kissed!

Different things inspire different writers. For me, the changing of the seasons inspires me, and that’s a good thing if you’re a character! As I sit and watch the tree lights, I picture the two leading characters from my new series: Myerson Mysteries and I instantly imagine them at home in their spacious living room, snuggling on their white-as-snow leather sofa before a crackling fire, the only light coming both from the flames in the fireplace and the twinkling lights on their nine foot Blue Spruce. Sean and Ashlynn Myerson are no longer newlyweds, but they act like they are as they cuddle close—Sean lying on his back, his lovely wife Ashlynn stretched out beside him. His right hand holds the stem of his wine glass while his left hand is tenderly stroking her long auburn hair. One kiss leads to another and another, which leads to more heat being generated on the sofa than in the fireplace!

Ah, I love when something as simple and elegant as a Christmas tree can inspire a quaint setting that leads to a love scene!

Every season—whether it is the holiday season or one of nature’s four seasons—lends itself to inspiration for me. Where I live in Southwestern Pennsylvania, we have four honest-to-goodness seasons, and I feel most creatively charged at the beginning and ending of each one. Each one seems to be perfectly suited to either falling in love, rekindling a love, or deepening the feelings of a couple already in love and committed to one another. When I look around me as a new season comes in or goes out, I can easily put my characters into the setting and find the romance that’s hidden there for them.

Let’s go back to the Myersons—Ashlynn and Sean. It’s October—Columbus Day weekend—and Sean has taken Ashlynn on a trip to the Finger Lakes region of New York. Keuka Lake is partially surrounded by thick copses of trees all dressed in fabulous, brilliant fall colors. Ashlynn walks beside Sean, he reaches for her hand. They pause by a small inlet and turn into each other as they listen to the waves gently lap the bank.

“Thank you,” she says softly.

“For what?”

She looks up, meeting his eyes. “Being here with me in all this beauty. For bringing me here.”

He smiles, drawing her further into his embrace. His lips teasingly touch hers in feather light kisses before he pulls back slightly, meets her eyes, and smooths back a strand of her hair from her face. “You’re welcome.”

His voice is barely above a whisper and the warmth of his touch lingers on her skin. “I love you,” she says.

His mouth covers hers. His kiss is no longer teasing, but hot and consuming and passionate. She presses against him and wishes with all her might to be alone on the bank with him. To make love to him there in the splendor of fall.

Tis the season to be kissed…no matter the time of year!

I hope you find inspiration in the changing of the seasons, but—more importantly—I hope all your seasons are full of hot, passionate kisses!

Valerie J. Patterson resides in Southwestern Pennsylvania with her husband, Steven. She’s the author of a hot new romantic mystery series centering around husband and wife duo: Sean and Ashlynn Myerson. The Myerson Mystery series can be found exclusively at Valerie also has books published by Eternal Press and Asylett Press. Her work can be found at each publisher’s website, on Fictionwise, and several online bookstores.

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Victoria Roder said...

Hi Valerie,
I could picture everything you said! The October scene reminded me of walking in the woods with my own husband! Best to you,Vicki

Patricia Lieb said...

Hi Valerie, Love the twinkling lights and flickers from the fireplace. Makes me want to be there rather than waiting for the heat to take over the day here in Florida. Happy New Year!

debbie haupt said...

Thanks Valerie, you make waiting for the seasons sound really exciting. I haven't read you yet, but I can't wait to sink my teeth into Honor Thy Neighbor.
Happy New Year!!!

Michele said...

Good job, Valerie! How tough is it writing for three different publishers?

Virginia C said...

That's why "Mama Kissed Santa Claus"! The holidays are a richly emotional time of year, filled with some sadness and much more gladness! Happy New Year!

gcwhiskas at aol dot com

Anonymous said...

Hi Vicki and Patricia! Thank you both for stopping by and reading. So glad you could "see" the scenes I wrote. That's high praise! :) Happy New Year to you both!

Anonymous said...

Hi Debbie! Thanks for reading the blog. I sincerely hope you not only get Honor Thy Neighbor, but that you truly enjoy reading it. Sean and Ashlynn are two of my favorite characters! Of course, I'm a little biased! Happy New Year to you!

LeslieJane said...

I love your imagery of Sean and Ashlyn, Now to go buy the books.

Anonymous said...

Hi Michele! Thank you for coming by to read and comment. How tough is it? Each publisher is different from one another, and they expect different things. Mostly, though, the biggest change from one to the next is the editing. It's been a great learning experience being with 3 publishers at the same time.

Happy New Year! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Virginia and LeslieJane! I'm so glad you could each stop by today and read the blog.

LeslieJane...if you get any of the books, I certainly hope you enjoy them! Thank you for the compliment. Sean and Ashlynn are easy characters to write scenes for. They just have soooo much chemistry! ;)

Happy New Year to you both.

I've been at work all day without a moment available to check in, but I'm ecstatic the blog went over so well. Thanks for the smiles ladies!

Julia Barrett said...

Great guest blog. The books sound wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Julia! Thanks for stopping by and reading. :)

Thanks LASR for hosting me today. I enjoyed my time here!

Happy New Year to everyone.

robynl said...

each season has it's mystery and comfy time; I look forward to meeting Sean and Ashlyn between the pages of your books.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Robynl! You're right, each season has its mystery. No season is alike even unto itself. I hope you enjoy getting to know Ash and Sean. :)

Sherry Gloag said...

Great post and I love the way you portray Sean and Ashlynn Myerson, thanks for sharing.
My book wish list grows ever longer, but these will go close to the top, they sound wonderful.
Thanks for sharing, and best wishes for 2010.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Sherry! Thank you for stopping by and reading. I think you'd enjoy the Myerson Mystery series. Sean and Ash are a fantastic duo. I think your to-be-read list must be as huge as mine! :)

Jennifer Johnson said...

I love it! A husband and wife team!

sherry said...

I really enjoyed your post thank you. I would love to read your book.