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Monday, December 21, 2009


Sweet Traditions, Sweeter Deal

I’d like to talk about holiday traditions—romantic ones. Not “Norman Rockwell” romantic family type stuff, but little things lovers make a ritual of. You know, private, possibly silly things. Think of those funny guys’ underwear at lingerie shops, a holiday teddy or bustier… something done under the Christmas tree each year, home-printed “coupons” for certain favors…

Leave us a cmment and share either a romantic holiday tradition of your “friends” (uh-huh) or even a one-time memorable romantic deed.

Now here’s my special holiday deal for you. My novel, Waiting for Revenge, takes place between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. Mandy and her soon-to-be-ex have two holiday traditions. If you send me an email at naming one of them by January 15, 2010, I’ll send you a digital copy of Lone Star Trouble. If you email me with both holiday traditions, I’ll send you a copy of both Lone Star Trouble and my upcoming Trouble Under Venus (releases February 1, 2010).

Happy holidays!

Autumn Piper

I write contemporary romance and women's fiction/mom-lit. My stories often have a high heat index to match their American southwest settings. Known by my writing buddies as "Angst", I have a penchant for making my characters suffer. My novels may be tributes to the old saying, "No pain, no gain", but my Hero and Heroine always get the happily-ever-after they so deserve.

I love sunny days, hot bread, the ocean, and that fluttery feeling I get inside at the first spark of a great romance. In between being a wife, mom of two adolescents, and writer, I like to read, take morning walks, make people laugh (this probably happens when I break into a jog!), garden, and conquer the beast that is Sudoku. Working as a substitute teacher (or Teacher Stunt Double) keeps me on my toes and makes me hope to become a very successful writer!

For me, an excellent book has characters you can sympathize with or hate (sometimes both at once), a story you simply must see through to the end, and realistic dialogue. Give me those key elements, and I'll read any genre or time period, any author.


debbie haupt said...

Ooh contests I love contest, please enter me.
The new book looks great, I can't wait to read it.
A romantic holiday tradition in our home, when the kids were little after bedtime on Christmas Eve my husband and I would open a bottle of bubbly and present each others presents and then we'd trip off to the bedroom and finish the gift giving ;-)
Now that we're empty nesters we don't have to wait until bedtime.
Cool huh

Sutton Fox said...

Another empty nester here. Instead of buying each other gifts, we usually spend Christmas night somewhere in a luxury suite, have a private celebration, complete with room service breakfast. Since everyone's gone home by then, we slip off to do our thing. It really helps with the holiday let down.

Lady Jane said...

Lets see Christmas traditions consist of driving to his parents Christmas eve then my parents Christmas day. Nothing at all romantic there. But New Years is our night usually we stay home after the kids are in bed it him and me a couple drinks and always a kiss at midnight. It's a great way to bring in the New Year. :)

robynl said...

the only thing done under our Christmas tree is the passing out of presents that are under the tree. LOL. No romance story here either.

Virginia C said...

One of the sweetest gifts that I ever received came from my childhood sweetheart. We had been friends since first grade. When we reached high school, he seemed to show a more romantic interest in me, but I was very shy. The year he gave me a silver ID bracelet engraved with my name, I knew that he cared for me as more than a friend. Unfortunately, he had some disruptive personal issues, and we did not stay together as sweethearts. We did remain life-long friends until he passed away at age 37. I still treasure the bracelet : )

gcwhiskas at aol dot com

sherry said...

On Christmas I went to my mom's for supper with my family and then came home and spent the rest of the night by myself.
I messed up on where to go for this blog.